Sunday, April 24, 2011

Perfect Perse

It's not often that I take the time to post about shoes, but I have to share with you how excited I am about the newest release from Perse. Aphrodite Outlander, (or Aph as better known on Plurk) is the owner of Perse and has created some fantastic looking boots. The Ascot boot collection is charming, beautifully done and original. While I'm only showcasing one set (Winter Hazel) in my posts today you can bet that more colors will be shown in future posts.

Aph was kind enough to share updates of her progress of The Ascot boot during it's design on Plurk. It was amazing to see the transformation unfold as she worked in Blender. She asked for advice from fellow Plurkies during her texturing and naming process. It was so heartwarming to see the responses flow during her creative process. Plurkies provided encouragement and feedback as she posted each new update. In the end Aph complete a total of Ten colors. Five in Natural tones and Five in Spring pastel colors. The Ascot boot is simply amazing and is something I enjoy wearing in SL. Truth be told I haven't taken them off in the last three days. It feels just so Perfect to wear Perse.

Aprophidite is a talented artist in both RL and Second Life. She has shared her art that she has created using her Ipad on Plurk for us to admire. One of my favorite things I have seen her draw is a ballet slipper, which had excellent shading and realism. I only hope that she one day makes a pair in SL that we can enjoy as well. Perse is her Second Life store and currently offers Shoes, Dresses, Shirts, Jewelry, Lashes, and Poses. All are quality items, priced afford-ably for your shopping convince. Perse also has a Second Life market place you can visit here.

Perfect Perse 

The Look-Perfect Perse
Skin-Dutch Touch-Cleo-V2 Caramel-Flamenco EB2 CL1 FR
Shirt-Tres blah-Blooming Ross Blouse
Pants-Last Call-Jumper Contrast Jodhpurs- Store no longer a part of Second Life
Boots-Perse-Ascot Boots-Winter Hazel

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