Sunday, June 19, 2011

Newness at ISPACHI

Audrey has made her debut at ISPACHI yesterday and I'm super excited to give my review of the skin today.  There has been a buzz floating around the feeds all week about this skin, I did my fair share of teasing by using the Audrey skin in all my posts this week.

I first discovered ISPACHI during the skin fair and was quite impressed with the quality of work the ISPACHI team presented. Take a trip to their main store location and you will find not only skins, but clothing, footwear, jewelry and hair for both male and female residents of Second Life.

Audrey is filled with character; little beauty marks grace the skin leaving angel kisses on the decolletage, tummy and back. Audrey has some key areas that I particularly like, behind the knees and under the arms are drawn quite well. I also love the softness on the shoulder blades and roundness to the tummy and cute button navel. I'm also loving the roundness of the booty; and other special delicate lady bits are well done. I do have one area of the skin I wish were slightly different: it's the area on the sides that show the ribs. I feel it's a bit too much and would love to see more softness in Audrey, more of a fleshy feeling to encompass women with fuller figures. This of course is a personal taste issue and not a complete deal breaker.

Audrey is available in seven skin tones ranging from light to dark. ISPACHI specialized in removing the orange hue from darker tones and creating natural skin tones. Twelve makeup options are available, each makeup provides a versatile effect allowing you to capture and create any desired look. Two options are available for cleavage as well as the option to wear the skin with a hairbase or without.

ISPACHI is definitely a store worth checking out filled with many wonderful designs; there is no telling what might suit your personality and taste. Audrey imho is a beautifully done skin that you should give the opportunity to entice your senses by trying on a demo.

The Look-White Mocha
Hair- Lamb-Witch- Chocolate Pack
Skin-ISPACHI Skin-Audrey-Mocha-Hairbase-Wine
Dress- Paper Couture- Crossroads Gown
Jewelry Set- Lazuri-Spring Collection-Accessory Fair Item

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