Saturday, June 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

My Home

I'm totally loving the new home from Coeur, Bethany Heart has created such a warm and friendly space I can't wait to spend my time here. Sitting pretty at 234 prims, The Maison S.S. Momo, is a spacious single story four room Nautical themed dream. I have a bit of a weakness for nautical items. Today I'm going to show you my three most decorated rooms of the house. The fourth one is filled with kitties. It's in no condition for anyone to see.

To start off the Nautical goodness begins right at the front entrance with a doormat that welcomes you with " Anchors Away". On the left side of the entrance there is also a quaint sign stating "Wish upon a starfish".

Living Room

Once you enter the home the main hallway opens to four rooms. The first room on the left is one I designated as a living room. A roaring fireplace, double sale ship and wheel helm are the extra touches that bring the nautical theme forward. I love the stripped wallpaper of this room because it's such a nice neutral color pallet which makes creating your own individual space very easy. 


The next room on the left is a bedroom. The bedroom has a cute wall poem " Let's go to sleep in Paris, and wake up in Tokyo.  Have a dream in New Orleans fall in love in Chicago." I think this poem is so romantic and fantastic and is perfect to tie in to traveling. The Maison S.S. Momo has a closet that I'm finding totally irresistible, the curtain has three positions: open, half- Opened and closed.


The final room I'm going to showcase today is the kitchen. It feels so completely natural to use this space to create a cozy culinary cove. This room has an open unrestricted doorway, and three windows that allow light to enter. For some reason having a kitchen in my SL home is a must for me recently, which is odd because in RL I can't stand the kitchen. Perhaps this is because I am able to have such a perfect place free from mess. If only keeping up with my RL kitchen were this easy.

The Look- Home Sweet Home
Hair- Lamb-Isolation- Kit Kat
Skin-L. Fauna Skins-Lea-Tan 2- freckles B cup cleavage
Outfit-Whippet & Buck-Resort Set- fifty Linden Friday
Necklace-Yummy- Nautical Charm Necklace
Home-Coeur- Maison S.S. Momo

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