Tuesday, June 7, 2011

52 Weeks of Color- Week 31- Denim

52 Weeks of Color-Denim-Week 31

This week's Color Challenge color is Denim. Thankfully I had a bit of this color already lined up in my inventory so matching was a bit of a breeze this week. Since it's been raining where I live I felt the need to tie in with the weather. Actually, I think I was just looking for an excuse to wear my Wellies because they are just so darn cute.

I want to take this time to point out the beautiful new skin from L. Fauna, Lea. This skin is gorgeous and flawless. It was love at first sight with Lea because it made me melt a bit when I first tried it on. Lea is fully healthy and provides a stunning body image creating a realistic and natural look. You can really see all the hard work Launa placed into Lea all over the body: The cleavage, stomach and tushie area in particular are my favorites. A total of nine skin tones are available and Launa makes Darks and Tans fantastic. The thing that really makes this skin unique is that Lea has two new options which I haven't seen other skin makers offer.

1) Customized Cleavage Cups Sizes
Four versions of cup sizes are available for customized beauty. Just like real life, all SL boobies are not made equally. Launa has helped create a voice to cater to boosoms of all sizes from A-D. Each size changes in contouring and shading providing the perfect amount of bust for each shape.

2) The option to have tattoo makeup added on to the skin.
L. Fauna is providing an excellent service for those that do not want makeup on tattoo layers. For 250L Plus the cost of uploading fees (10L) per Item she will combine her skin and makeup into one. You must already own the makeup and the skin you wish to combine into one. There are small limitations such as: not being able to modify the body or face of the skin. This offer only applies to newer skins Lola and Lapine are not customizable.

Launa is a wonderful artist and is currently attending art school. Watching her skin growth over the years is really exciting because it shows her wonderful artistic growth and her dedication to her skin line. Thank you Launa for always giving us your best. 

The Look-Denim Rain
Skin-L.Fauna-Lea Tan 3 + Snakebite makeup
Shirt-5th&Oxford-Seaside Sweetie Striped Halter
Jacket-Fri.dayhttp://slurl.com/secondlife/Friday/154/127/32-Military Jacket-Original Denim
Skirt-Phoenix Rising-Britney Jean Miniskirt-White
Shoes-Molto Bene-Panda Rainboots
Necklace-TokiD-Big spheres necklace-Meta

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