Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fit to be Tied

Fit To Be Tied

Bells Boutique has released a new outfit "Fit to be Tied" which is a Corset/Bodysuit. "Fit to Be Tied" is released in 8 vibrant colors. Each lingerie set is 75L and the Skittles Pack (fat pack) is 450L.  Included is an optional prim skirt and necklace.

Reflecting on Bells Boutique-
A long time ago before I started blogging I used to make clothing in Second Life. It was something that interested me when I was a new resident. I wanted to learn so badly, so I attended classes at NCI. The first class I took taught me how to upload a texture and then edit in SL Appearance to make shirts, skirts, pants. Ect. My first designs were ugly, crude, the word primitive definitely comes to mind when I think about early works.

My little store grew and I learned new techniques and skills. I started with Gimp, then moved on to Photoshop elements until I was gifted Photoshop CS and a whole package of Adobe goodies from a classmate in RL. As RL brought inevitable changes I found I had less time and interest in designing until slowly stopped creating in SL. As my Fourth Rezz day approaches I have started to review my little trip down SL. I've decided that I would like to focus back on what I first loved in SL, Clothing Creation.

Fit to be Tied-Skittles Pack

My little store has always been sort of a passing hobby and way to learn. I don't think I could ever be someone with great talent in clothing design; but I will continue to create because it's fun, a challenge and gives me a sense of personal satisfaction. My clothing will never be perfect and part of me will always feel as if it's inadequate. I will admit to feeling that small twinge of failure or invisibility that some SL content creators fall into. I made sales yes, but my tiny store was never blogged by anyone other than myself. I never knew about review copies or marketing. My blog wasn't even on the feeds. I have set aside a couple of personal goals for myself for the next six months, hopefully I can achieve these small milestones.

"Fit to Be Tied", is actually one of the first personal challenges I have completed. With this design I have managed to hand draw all elements, I refused to use brushes. I also learned how to make multiple colors of one design. Finally, I created a new template for store signs. Hopefully I can improve upon these techniques and make my next release better. Please stay tuned for new releases and as always if you have any feedback please let me know how to improve upon my store.

Bells Semyorka


Unknown said...

such a sexy look from a cutie

Ginthian Source said...
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Ginthian Source said...

You are your worst critic and you never give yourself enough credit!