Monday, November 22, 2010

Something in My Teeth?

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When Hart Larson announced he was releasing his "Open Mouth Add on" I did the dance of joy in his plurk time line. After all, I've been looking for a good open mouth for quite some time. Unlike some of the other teeth I have seen in SL, these new teeth don't resemble a rodent's chompers and actually create spacing for the corners of your mouth. Upon further inspection you can notice a bottom layer of teeth. The main reason I love love Hart's open mouth, It's a prim. Which makes editing so much easier than a skin or tattoo layer which is transfixed on a portion of the mouth and is heavily dependent on your mouth shape for proper setting. Freaking Genius. In all these are a total WIN and a great addition to any skin. At only 100L it's a deal you can't pass up.

Some other goodies I've acquired along the way have been a fat pack of skins from Dutch Touch. I finally treated myself to a new skin collection. I feel ohh so spoiled and pretty in SjOrS. I tried on several of Iki Irkarus skin lines until I made the purchase and I am 100% satisfied. For the low price of 3 skins I was able to get 6 in the fatpack which makes me LOVE Dutch Touch even more, the Bang for your Lindens.

I also made a little shopping trip to Hucci and pick up this White dress. As much as I tried I couldn't muster the courage to wear it alone so I layered. :D

The Look- Something In my Teeth? 
Hair- Clawtooth-Could I resist?-Girl Next Door
Skin-Dutch Touch Iki Irkarus-SjOrs-Caramel-Basic
Undershirt-Luxuria-Caer-Off White
Dress-Hucci-Ivana Dress-White
Pants-Sn@tch- Classic Trouser- Black
Shoes-Maitreya Gold-Shanti Black
Mouth-PXL-Hart Larson-Mouth Open
Pose-Diesel Works- Odyssey Set

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Ginthian Source said...

OMG, Now that is a beautiful picture of a beautiful avatar.