Monday, November 29, 2010

52-Weeks of Color-Plum-Week 4

"you smell like...........sweet red plums and grilled cheese sandwiches."  -The Wedding Planner

This week's color is Plum. for more details on the color challenge please visit Luna's Blog.

Once I bite down on a plum and the juice hits my mouth a smile develops across my face. Its sweet nectar is such a treat and I'm in heaven with every bite. For this weeks challenge I wanted to give a look that was sweet, full of vibrant color and played off the color of this delicious fruit's color.

I tried something different for this weeks challenge I played up the wind-light settings to give a slight tint the sky. I also found a lovely Sim to visit for this photo. I hope to use the location for more photos in the future because it was so breathtakingly beautiful. 

The Look- Sweet Plum
*Hair-Lamb!-Whoop Dee Doo- Lavender
*Skin-Tuli-Claire-Brunette-(Skin Addicts Exclusive Purchase) *Skin Sale until Nov 30th
enhancements* Boost Cleavage, Grape Lips
*Mouth Attachment- PXL-Mouth Open add on
*Dress-Paper Couture-Lush Dress
*Undershirt-Armidi-Satin Mini Dress-Violet 1
*Eyes-Tuli-Gem Eyes-Amethyst-Freebie
*Necklace-Yummy-Heart Window Necklace
*Ring-Paper Couture- Golden Wings Rings
*Pose-StoRin-Annah Whitfield-Something Cute Set
*Veil-5th and Oxford-Little Miss Veil-Purple
Wind light Setting- Euphoria Plum Sunset-Modified
Location-The Gate

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