Thursday, November 18, 2010

4 years in SL- Oh it's my Rezz day

rezzday, I'm 4

I can't believe I made it this far, Four whole years in Second Life. I've been looking back and realizing all the changes that have taken pace. How my SL merged into my RL and how incredibly thankful I am to have stumbled into this world. What started out as just something to just pass time became a new beginning for me, in some small way a rebirth.

SL has been the one constant thing in my life during the last four years. So many changes have taken place. I've lost loved ones, moved cities and countries, changed jobs and even married. It's been that special place in my life. The sense of familiarity of a home, knowing there are friends to speak to and that I can always attempt to learn something new to keep myself occupied. The friends I've made in SL have been the glue that held me together when my world crumbled around me. Thank you for that, you don't know what you mean to me.

Somethings I've learned along the way....
Apperances are decieving, take the time to talk to people, it may lead to unexpected friendships.
Don't believe everything you're told. People often lie. Make your own judgments
Some of the best people you could ever meet can happen during unpleasant situations.
Always try to do your best and reach for the stars.
Learn something new and be open to criticism, we all have to start somewhere.
Keep your friends close to your heart. Ignore the ramblings of the negative.
Above all else BELIEVE in yourself. 

Bells Semyorka


Unknown said...

So glad I have you in my SLife. You mane it a better place just by being in it. <3U

Luna Jubilee said...

Happy Rezday!! <3

thank you for always being there for me - I'm so happy to have you as a friend!

Ginthian Source said...

Thanks for being in my SLife. You are one of my oldest friends in SL despite your doubts.