Thursday, May 23, 2019

La Hora para Cenar

La Hora Para Cenar

Es La Hora Para Cenar or Dinner Time, Today's post is highlighting the Hispanic side of my RL self. Yes, boys and girls for those who do not know know Bells is actually Hispanic in RL. I fell head over heels with collaborative work from The Bearded Guy and Infinity Looks. Their "Around the world" set is reminiscent of a very important hour, Dinner Time. El Comedor comes complete with a table chairs decorative mosaic background and clock on the wall. It's ideal for anyone who would like to capture a family meal.

I'm showcasing a few other goodies from The Second Change Sale, AZUL's - Epie dress in Ruby is one of my favorite out of this month's collection and a pose fromSaddy's Sweet Poses, Motorcycle Momma. The unboxing of this pose set is particularly adorable if you are into unicorns. Just so much <3 br="">

If you haven't taken the time to stop by the Second Chance Sale, please do so. It will be ending in a few days and as the title of the event mentions this is YOUR SECOND chance to get your paws on them at a reduced cost.

Now, I want to talk about a small Spanish pet peeve of mine. In my nuclear family Spanish was not spoken. We didn't grow up speaking it. (in my family aside from my grandparents.) I understand a lot more than I can speak and I can read the language. (I'm embarrassed by my non accented pronunciation of the words and I have been ridiculed about it my whole life. Trust me native Spanish speakers will give you looks if you fail at correctly pronouncing words.) so back to my point, I promise I have one.

Glasses has different word types in Spanish depending on its meaning.
Glasses (to wear) -anteojos
Glasses (to drink) - Vasos

my grandmother used to say, "Spanish, is more correct in its language" and she used the glasses as an example. (mini rant) Unless you full understand the language and the context that a word is used, please don't provide a generalized definition of the word...and google translate..well, we all know how well English is translated. That's it....Steps off minor soap box.

The Look- La Hora Para Cenar 
Pose- SSP - Motorcycle Momma
Background Set- Infinity Looks & The Bearded Guy -Comedor
Dress-  -AZUL- Epie /Ruby

**All items mentioned are available at the Second Change Sale. You have until the 28th to make your way over and pick up a treat for yourself. 

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