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I'm Just a Girl

I'm Just A Girl

My Blog has always been a good place to discuss whatever is on my mind. Today's post. I'm just a Girl, or am I?

For those that don't know, I'm an Aunt to two girls. I have no children of my own. As my nieces have began to grow up I'm left wondering about the society they will interact with. Are we being good role models for young women? Are the women we see in our society in media really highlighting the best we are?

It wasn't until I started researching "appropriate" birthday gifts for young girls that I discovered a startling statistic, all thanks to everyone's well loved doll, Barbie.

Mattel and Barbie are teaming up to promote, "The Dream Gap". What's the dream gap you ask well that's an excellent question. I can't answer it is wonderfully as Mattel's commercial does, so I'm embedding the link here. Please watch.

I have to admit, Barbie was not someone I would ever view as a feminist figure type. It's been a very long time since I had played with Dolls. (Avatars don't really count) I was wrong on my assumption on what Barbie is now and days; and perhaps you might be too.

So Let's discuss, Barbie! Barbie is so strong for girls because she allows girls to imagine.

I have recently stumbled upon a YouTube videos series from Barbie in a Vlogging style. They are POWERFUL. These are HARD topics to discuss. "Forgiveness", "Not saying Sorry," Cultural Inclusion and Power and Empowerment...Topics that impact not only young girls but WOMEN regardless of age. These are values and ideas that can make BIG changes in young girls lives and shape our cultural view and social status of women. Allowing girls to become women who have a strong handle on life and even change the male female dynamic which is in jeopardy of becoming more unstable in our current times.

As someone who is in her mid 30s these Vlogs are IMPACTFUL to my life. There are some lighter fun topics so the content is not all morality based. The lesson delivery of this material is light enough not to become too overwhelming to digest and RELATABLE. Barbie is REAL in these videos. The writing and character acting is authentic for the audience it is intending to impact. As I mentioned, mid 30s Bells is hearing topics she strongly believes and aligns with hole heartily.

Mattel is using its influence correctly not just to push a product out but to really help make changes that will impact society. Can we PLEASE see more of this?

I'm hoping that perhaps with my blog I can help bring awareness to others in our community. This right here this is the change we need to see. Women on Woman violence is something that moves across SL quicker that a blink of an eye or a thought. The consequences of the action isn't felt in a RL impact by the person performing the negative action.

(general reflective questions below.)
Is it the anonymity that you cling to what allows you the freedom to shed negativity to another woman? How far before Tic for Tac, Eye for Eye becomes so great you lose friends? At what point do you STOP? When will you be held accountable for YOUR bad behavior and fake sense of empowerment you provide others?

As I mentioned I'm an Aunt, a Big Sister, a daughter and future wife but the most important label I carry with me is that of a WOMAN. I will continue to fight for you and anyone else because well....That's the right thing to do. Stand up for you, not because were friends but because we're women.

So lovelies, here are my favorite Barbie YouTube Videos Embedded below. I also made coloring pages for my niece and other girls to print out and color. I'm going to color them too, because we can ALL use a little encouragement and a reminder that Women should be supportive of one another, not just for show, but because inclusive acceptance is something we need to change in our society.

Bells' LOL Surprise Dolls Coloring Pages (free to print and share with others)

Barbie Video Links

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