Monday, March 4, 2019

White and Nerdy

White and Nerdy

Jeepers! I did not expect to have so much fun with The Arcade this month, but low in behold I'm posting again. Actually, I knew I would be blogging Bad Unicorn when I saw a sneak peak at the vendor on a friend's FB page. I really wanted a mini SUV. (I have a collection of mini vehicles.)

Bad Unicorn's, "Big Kid Gacha" immediately made me think..Barbie Jeep Racing! Now, I'm not sure if you have ever been privy to seeing, "Barbie Jeep Racing", but if you haven't I totally suggest you do. (it's a sport, apparently.) But enough of Bells' Ramblings lets pop the clutch and change gears slightly.

Big Kid Gacha comes complete with 17 collectible Big Kid family friendly toys. It's like all the toys you wanted as a kid but could never actually get. Racing Car Beds?! They got that! Jungle Gym?! Look no further. Have a hankering for some cookies?? Well, this is one place where you can get your hands caught IN the cookie jar. Super Cute items and totally FUN.

Now, I did end up spending quite a few lindens trying to get a Jeep. I visited the Arcade a total of three separate times in an attempt to win. One thing I can suggest when purchasing Gachas is be patient, you may have to return several times before getting what you really want. Remember kiddos, the gachas are randomly generated and the possibilities of rares to regular items are reduced. (i.e, more regular that rare possibilities.)

I had a blast taking this photo up above. For me, dressing up and accessorizing is a huge part of Second Life. I guess you would classify me into the, "Not Quite a Role Player". I love the thug life, but can't commit to it. If you happen to have a night out on the town and have room for one more jeeper in your posse give me a shout out. I'd love to be part of a street gang. Imagine it now...."They see us rolling...." well, you catch the drift.

The Look- White and Nerdy

Musical Inspiration: White and Nerdy

Hair- Magika - Hair - Olivia
Helmet-Motor-Head II Black-Red Dirty
Track Suit- Scandalize.Anna- Fluor
T-Shirt- Nylon Outfitters- Route 66 Sheer Tee - No Bra
Jeep-Bad Unicorn (Black) Baby Jeep 'Big Kids Gacha' RARE

Location: Racers Gulch, Dry Gulch

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