Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Way I Am

The Way I Am
So today's post is all about channeling that inner fighter that we sometimes need. Here is my fight look from head to toe courtesy of Arcade's March Gacha Round.

Once I saw Belle Epoque's Fight Like a Girl set I knew I was in serious trouble. Can we say, "Goodbye Lindens Hello newness?" Belle Epoque's gacha comes complete with 28 random, "Fight like a Girl" goodies. All perfect for pulling out the boxer in you.

I've been trying to perfect my Boxer look for quite some time now, but I've been missing integral pieces to fully capture the persona visually. As someone who has a discerning eye for detail and quality; finding fighting items has been a challenge. The accessories I stumbled upon in the past have been subpar, so naturally, I didn't buy them. Once I saw the Belle Epoque's set I knew that someone had stepped up to create a fun and overlooked part of SL.

(The fight/wrestle subculture exists BTW in SL if you ever take the time to look.)

The Way I Am

Please take some time to take a peek at Belle Epoque's work for The Arcade. They won't disappoint you..and if you manage to get that nifty champion belt and don't want it. IM me, please. That's the one item I'm in the market for.

For Today's Music, I leave you with what I consider my fight music, Eminem. I know! Bells, your a girl and a total fem at that WHY? Eminem??

Well it all comes down to lyrics. I may not be able to express what I'm feeling or don't want to give the negative voice to the situation. (I'm very positive...and I don't react well to negativity.) But when pushed, Eminem is the voice I need to hear in order to express sentiments without me having to.

***Sorry for the image quality. I forgot to take a better resolution on the photos. Dummy me, didn't check it.***

The Look- The Way I Am
 *Musical Inspiration: The Way I Am

Hair- Foxy - Regan- Pastal
Skin- Glam Affair - Gio Applier -Catwa- India
Makeup- Glam Affair - Glenny Applier - Make-Ups
Headgear- Belle Epoque { Fight Like a Girl } Helmet Grey
Necklace- Yummy- Boxing Gloves Charm - Silver
Gloves- Belle Epoque { Fight Like a Girl } Gloves Red
Top- Belle Epoque { Fight Like a Girl } Top Red
Shorts-Belle Epoque { Fight Like a Girl } Shorts Black
Water off Body- Izzie's - Wet Body & Face
Leg Wraps-Fri. - Aisling.Wraps (Cloud) - Maitreya High

*Photo Location-Alpha Gym

***Landmarks in blog, Recap**
The Arcade
Belle Epoque Store Location

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