Thursday, March 14, 2019

Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden.......Shhhhhh
If I raise my voice will someone get hurt
And if I can't feel then I won't get touched
If no truths are spoken then no lies can hide
-Silence is Golden, Garbage-

Want me to lean on really close whisper in your ear and make all the hairs on the back stand up and tell you a secret?

Now come on closer and listen...

Tess Falworth of Lovely Sweet has recently released a new set of eyes, appropriately named as Lovelle. They are sparkling and shining like stars that illuminate the night sky. Here’s the information on the eyes. They are created specifically for the Omega eye system, which work perfectly with most mesh heads. Currently my mesh head is from Catwa and I’m using the Omega eye system in combination with Lovely Sweet’s  Lovelle eyes. Lovely Sweet’s Lovelle eyes are 50L on the marketplace which quite a deal considering how beautiful they are. The hud comes complete with 4 color variations. 

Lovely Sweet, is a new store for me and I am quite happy to be working along with this designer as a blogger. So be prepared to see some posts with designs in my blog.

I’ve taken a peek at her online store and there are some cute items listed in her collection. I’m including a landmark for her main store but most of her recent items can be found at the marketplace.  It’s worth visiting if you are in the market for newness in Second Life. Lovely Sweet’s designs encompass the whole wide of fashion spectrum for you ladies. Animations, shapes, Appliers and apparel, OH MY!!!!!

Keep your peepers open for more posting soon from Lovely Sweets designs.

The Look- Silence is golden

Musical inspiration: Silence is Golden

Hair: TRUTH / Teila- Vip Collection
Hair Accessory:EarthStones Roses In Bloom Hairstick
Eyes: Lovely Sweet. Lovelle Eyes HUD [OMEGA]
Ring:Yummy-Unicorn Rings - Maitryea
Dress:Dead Dollz - Imagine Dragons - Blue

Location: Restless Times

Location in Blog Recap
Lovely Sweet Marketplace
Lovely Sweet Main store

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