Saturday, March 16, 2019

Addicted to Bass

Addicted to Bass
Have you ever sat in a room full of strangers trying to keep a strait face while you have something buzzing in your ears and reverberating through out your whole body? Yea, well....that’s what it’s like today.

I can’t help it as my hips sway and move to the beat. My face erupts into a smile and sigh of relief. I am totally addicted to bass. Now, You're probably thinking BELLS!!! TMI! but let me tell you a little more....

Second Chance Sale has some goodies that I couldn't keep to myself and I had to share. In fact I was so inspired by this sale that I had to create a little video to showcase all the goodies I found.

Here is the 411 on Second Chance Sale. The Event runs from the 12th until the 28th Each month. so you still have plenty of time to head on over to this event and pick up something that sparks your attention and catches your eye.

This is a MONTHLY event so if you're someone like myself who shops at monthly events this is one to add to your calendar. The unique aspect of The Second Chance Sale event is the price point. Everything in this event is reduced in cost. Meaning you can save and stretch your lindens further. Can you say Sale Swoon. *heartbeats

Thank you Second Chance Sale for bringing these reduced sale items for us to enjoy. I can't wait to see what will emerge next month.

Please take some time to view the video I made to highlight some goodies from the event. Credits are listed at the end for your convenience.

The Look- Addicted to Bass

Musical Inspiration: Addicted to Bass, Pure Tone

Hair- LAMB, Fox, Dark Brown
*Dress-TO.KISKI - Isabella mini dress-Salmon

other goodies found at Second Chance Sale (featured in video)
Designer, Fushia
*Unicorn Coffee Cup
*Bella Desk 

Locations in Blog Recap:
*Second Chance Sale

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