Monday, March 18, 2019

Vacation: Star-date: 9680842

Star-date: 9680842

Day three of my vacation here at Risia. I’ve picked up that stupid statue that LT. Jones kept going on and on about. Its this small wooden totem called a Horogn. I’m not an art critic but I really don’t understand why she needs another one to add to her collection. Her quarters are littered with them.  Shrugs, who knows. LT. Jones is a strange one.

So far everyone seems really nice on this planet. I just can't seem to understand why all the men (and even some of the ladies) keep asking for bacon or Jamon...or perhaps it was jamaharon.....or jam. (thinks) I don’t know. My Spanish translation book isn’t really working well with the native language. Must be some kind of fancy breakfast they have in the mornings. Must make sure to look into the breakfast bar.

In all I’m having a swell time on my vacation. A whole new swim suit from a few local stores I visited...and the sun and sand. Right now, life is pretty peachy some might even say perfect.

Bells' Notes on Location spot in SL:
Shagwong Cove Resort is a wonderful little sim if you are looking for a vacation spot in SL. This resort type location specializes in creating an atmosphere that appeals to the luxurious pleasure of relaxation. Home to a collective number of sims for you to explore and enjoy at your own leisure, Shagwong may be exactly what you might be looking for in SL. Please don't take my word on it, but take the time to explore on your own and see the beauty and wonder of these Sims. Landmark Below.

The Look:Vacation

Musical Inspiration: Vacation

SL Location: Shagwong Cove Resort
Hair-[e] Kiki
Shirt: Blueberry - Luxe Box - Leign Bustier - Maitreya
Shorts: .BF. Emily Pastel Pink Short Maitreya
Jacket :ISON - plastic bomber jacket -maitreya- (holographic)
Sunglasses: Doe: Vacation Sunglasses
Earrings:CURELESS[+] Silver Boyfriend Earrings / Albert
Necklace: (Yummy) Unicorn Nameplate - Silver
Pose: Lovely Sweet

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