Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style

This week I was introduced to PSY and his song "Gangnam Style".  I have no clue what is being sang in the song (because I don't understand Korean) yet I am finding myself unable to stop playing this song over and over again. Seriously, I have a "Gangnam Style" problem and might need an intervention soon. The main reason I love this song so much is because it's hypnotic beat and extremely catchy chorus. In order to attempt to purge the song from my OCD loop I am stuck in I've decided to make, "Gangnam Style" today's theme. I'm also tying in Week # 29 of Luna's 52 Week of Color challenge, Persian Rose. Next Color Challenge post will be on Aqua Island.

There are currently two version of the Gangnam style song out.
1) Psy Version
2) Psy featuring Hyuna (My favorite Version)

I've even found a mash-up between Sexy I know It and Gangnam Style I am enjoying.

The Look- Gangnam Style
Hair-Exile- Nomi- Frost- (Tinted Pink)
Skin- PXL- Kate-Sunkissed
Closed Lashes- Slink- Mesh Lids and Lashes- (Shadow Tinted)
Eye Tattoo- L. Fauna- Shadow Edge
Shirt- Surf Couture- August One Piece- Raspberry
Skirt- Tee*fy- Skater Skirt Colour Collide- Saffron
Stockings- Doppelganger-Suspender Tights- (no longer available as store has closed)
Shoes- R2 Fashion- Mino- Pink
Pose- Diesel Works- Groove 
Location- Torley Island

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Anonymous said...

haha the video is of the dance that is going to be released for the game Aion.. that is the huge joke atm.
but yes, it is being released soon.
you should try the game. it is free to play.