Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Scenic Summer


With my summer vacation drawing to a close I think it's time to get back into the swing of blogging. I hate when I let things fall to the side. Today's post is about the color Astronaut Blue, It's week number 28 of Luna's 52 weeks of color challenge. Next color challenge will be Persian Rose.

Originally I wanted to pull together a look that was sort of a Barberella type, (you know Sexy Space Vixen look) but when I found out about the new release from Boom I just had to showcase their new Miami Linens because they are utterly fabulous. Available in over 35 color options, Boom has what seems like the entire color spectrum covered. The Miami Linens are 100% mesh and utilize the standard sizing method which means even some Gents might find these trousers to be a perfect fit. As always when selecting a new set of clothes you will want to pick up a demo and stop by your virtual dressing room to make sure you get a good fit. Remember you can always stop by Boom on the SLMarketplace. I think the Miami Linen Trousers from Boom are a perfect transition piece for Summer/Fall.

Boom Marketplace

52 Weeks of Color- Week# 28 Astronaut Blue

I wanted to slip this shot in, which highlights the Astronaut Blue color better. I think it's cute because of the bubble gum. :) Pop

The Look-Scenic Summer
Hair- Epoque Hair- Stabilizer- Earth
Skin-Glam Affair- Leah- Medium Tan
Shirt-The Secret Store- Puffy Blouse- Snow
Undershirt- Artilleri- Nautical Swimsuit Top
Pants-Boom- Miami Linens-Cobolt
Poses- !Bang- Stand 263 / Hows that 1

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