Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bells Semyorka-TUH- Genki Hat

The Unknown Hunt- Birthday Celebration

The Unknown Hunt is celebrating its One Year Birthday. This Hunt is Created by Evelyn Harthshon, creator and owner of The Sleeping Koala.

My item for the hunt is the Genki Hat with Pink Polka dots. It's a sculpted hat complete with a brim and ears. Hair is not included, but with only a little effort you can edit an existing hair to fit under. Genki's name is given by Luna Jubilee, who is a friend and awesome creator of Bang! and JULU Homes.

The starting location for the hunt is The Sleeping Koala. A total of 49 stores available, the goodies are abundant and wonderful. The Unknown Hunt provides skip and hints to each store so with only a little effort you can find your prize or skip over store that might be too complicated or that do not suit your taste. Each Item in the hunt does have a small nominal fee of 1L to purchase.

The Unknown Hunt- Birthday Celebration

The Look- Genki's Birthday
Hair- Lamb- Bitter- Kit Kat-(Modified)
Skin-Dutch Touch-CleO-Olive
Hat- Bells Boutique- Genki- Baby Pink -TUH Prize
Dress- Bodyshot-TUH Prize
Stockings-Zaara-Nishar Leggings- Whit Art Pack
Shoes-Pixel Mode-Rea Plain-Baby Pink

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