Saturday, September 10, 2011

Persian Pony Satchel from Bells Boutique

 Persian Pony Satchel

Hello Sweethearts!

Bells Boutique is proud to announce our newest release, "Persian Pony Satchel", named after the mighty sand animal The Camel. For your convenience, this sculpted beauty is available in three versions, two animated and one non animated all included in one purchase. Persian Pony is ideal for any lady that wants to incorporate a bit of wilderness into her style. 

Remember I'm still selecting one person (sometimes two) to win each new release.

The qualifications for entry into each contests is really simple. Just click my subscriber kiosk at the front of Bells Boutique. As a member you are automatically entered into the contest. I choose at random so everyone has a fair chance.

The Winner of the New Release is Katy Isodo and yasminn Kira if you happen to see them around SL make sure you send them a congrats. They will be sporting the Persian Pony Satchel

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Special Thank you to Jori Watler of MOOD for suggesting the name "Persian Pony, without your help this might have been called something dumb like Camel Toe. :D (hahahahaha)

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