Thursday, September 29, 2011

52 Weeks Of Color- Week 47- Khaki and some LUJU Love

Softness and Warmth

 I'm going to be talking about a few things in this post today and not only Luna's 52 Week of Color Challenge. First off, only five more weeks left and I'm both a little relieved and saddened by this. Doing these little color challenges have been so much. They helped provide the motivation I needed when my blogging became stagnant. I'm going to miss them when they are over, but will also enjoy completing the final set Luna has lined up for us.

At first I thought finding an outfit in Khaki would be impossible, but once again I underestimated the wonderful content designers of Second Life. Thankfully, I managed to compete a look in Khaki. The one item I decided was an absolute must in my outfit was this warm pink cardigan from Tee*fy. I will say that Azure provides wonderful customer support and was very quick and helpful when I had a small mishap with Second Life eating my Cardigan. I absolutely love this Sweater and hope that Azure releases more that are similar, it provides so much softness and warmth for fall. 

Pointing out one other special item I'm wearing is New skin from Adam and Eve. Once I saw Ariadne I thought it was too cute not to use in today's post. I am planning on using this skin for a while and taking a deeper look at Ariadne in the future. Also I did take the time to complete a full post on MIEL's Puddle Boots, they are designed so beautifully and have so many options. Please take a peek at, "On Your Toes" for more information and some close up shots.

LUJU Homes

Last but certainly not least I want to talk about Luna Jubilee again. (She's mentioned a lot in my posts) Luna is a dear friend and I happen to think she is a wonderful creator and visionary. She has completed so many things in Second Life and provided so much to our community. Her newest venture is LUJU Homes. She designed her first home Great Hopes and has it ready to view and purchase at her store.

Great Hopes is small in prims, but not tiny. Sitting pretty at 29 prims this home is dressed in Khaki and browns making it ideal for fall. So far I managed to create both a working and living space using the home. My favorite aspect of this home is the sliding doors. Each door slides across to the left and remains in its position until you click and direct it to move. I can't wait to see what Luna will create for us in the future she really has so much talent and creativity that the possibilities are endless.

The Look- Softness and Warmth
Hair-Lamb-Egomaniacal- Honeycomb
Skin-Adam and Eve-Ariadne- Cool Bare
Cardigan-Tee*fy-Janny Cardigan- The Dressing Room
Shirt- 5th&Oxford-Jori Cardigan- Bone
Pants-Surf Couture- Yoga Pants- Beige
Shoes-Miel- Puddle Boots- Natural
Location-LUJU Homes- Great Hopes

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Luna Jubilee said...

Thank you so much Bells <3

I'm so flattered. You're such a great friend. THANK YOU!!!