Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Time to Remember....

A Time to Remember

During this time of year there is one person I can't seem to get out of my mind. I think about her often and my heart is filled with a heavy sadness because I miss her. I miss everything she was: a mother, grandmother, wife, strong woman, beauty queen, a friend. I miss her advice, her warmth, the smell of her home and hearing her voice. It's during these days of Second Life's Relay for Life/Fashion for Life event that I can't get my grandmother out of my mind, because she was one of the many that lost her fight with cancer.

I never thought that cancer would affect anyone I personally knew, until the day came when my mother told me were we all going to a an oncologist appointment for my grandmother. My heart pumped fast and tears fell the only words I could manage were "She has cancer?" At the time I was living with my grandmother and would accompany her to various doctor appointments and help her with cleaning and cooking. She and I were dependent on one another, very close and our bond was strong. I watched the cancer take it's toll on her spirit during the following months after her diagnosis. She attended chemotherapy frequently and suffered through tests that were heartbreaking to watch. I can't speak for others but I remember feeling so much anger and resentment. Hearing her cry and knowing she was in pain was the worst feelings because I knew I couldn't do anything to stop it. I felt so helpless. The cancer didn't affect just one person, but everyone in my family felt it, we all suffered along with my grandmother.

One of the things that brought a greater understanding and helped me feel that my family was not alone was the Rely for Life event in Second Life. When I first found out about the event my grandmother had just received her diagnosis. I researched the American Cancer Society and donated as much of my lindens as I could, doing this gave me a sense that I was doing a small part to battle against cancer. It's one of the many reasons why I support Fashion for Life now. I will never forget how it effect families.

Today is the start of Fashion for Life, it will run from March 12-22 in 9 sims. This year's theme is "Beyond Black and White".  I encourage you to visit the fashion for life blog for the most up to date information and LMs. During this week I will be blogging items from the fair, I've already picked up some goodies from the special donation vendors where 100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. I ask that you take the time to visit the fare and please make a donation if you can to help fund this worthy cause. Together we can accomplish so much. We can help offer support and strength bringing light into the darkness where cancer lies.

The Look- A Time to Remember
Hair-Elikatira-Me-Essential Collection
Skin-Exodi-Sylvan Cachet-Makeup 13
Tattoo-Adam and Eve-Tattoo Sobs
Dress-Lee Zu!- Lizz Flexi Dress-Gray
Location-Fashion for Life Sim
*All Landmarks are for Fashion for Life Store Locations all Items can be found at the fair.

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Maeve Mortlock said...

Beautiful. Made me cry because it says so well what those of us who have lost someone to cancer feel and remember. Very well said.