Monday, March 14, 2011

European Blue

Chic Limited-Ivalde-Demi SkyBlue

Earlier today I visited the Chic Limited Event to pick up some goodies. Chic Limited is designed to offer an assortment of wonders from various quality designers from across the grid in one location. This month's theme is "The Elements". I have been doing some major damage to my linden balance recently, because of Fashion For Life so I was a bit hesitant to attend Chic Limited. I can honestly say that I did try to refrain, but eventually my shopping disorder talent came out. Feeding my inner demon I managed to pick up some great items, but I'm not planning on blogging them all today. That would be silly. Instead, I'm going to highlight Ivalde's Demi skyblue dress, because it's spectacular and quite flawless, IMHO.

Once I put on the Demi dress I felt like an European lady; fancy and proper, all dressed in the gorgeous blue hue. The rose print alone would make the Demi an excellent garden party dress, ideal for spring. I also can't get over how dainty and feminine the gloves are. They help provide the touch of woman mystic Ivalde is well know for. The Demi dress is available in both an Earth (Orange) and skyblue hue and are Exclusive to Chic Limited.

Now, I have to let you in on some News going on at Ivalde. Currently the Ivalde sim is undergoing a remodeling process so sadly it's closed, but don't worry there are still several ways to continue shopping. Satellite stores are located across the grid. You can find the store listings under Neferia Abel's profile. Ivalde's webpage is also great for making purchases, so don't forget to visit it as well.

Chic Limited-Ivalde-Demi SkyBlue

The Look-European Blue
Hair-Lamb!-Ghost-Chocolate Bars Pack
Skin-Glam Affair-Natural-The Dressing Room Special
Dress-Ivalde-Demi skyblue-Chic Limited
Necklace-Caroline's Jewelry-Nest and Swing gold.
Location of Photoshoot-Lula
*Chic Limited Store Location

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