Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lusciously Red in The Body Co.

The Body Co

There's a new player in the SL skin department called, The Body Co. I first found out about this skin after creator Emma Gilmour announced in her plurk that the skin would be coming soon. I knew this skin was one I was going to purchase, the vendor ads looked phenomenal; and my anticipation grew into until it became a giddy school girl giggle in front of my computer.

I'm not the type of person that's in the habit of spending lindens carelessly and usually I wait for special events or purchase only one or two skins from a selected pack, but with The Body Co. I felt something a bit different and committed to purchasing the skin line. I knew from trying on the demo that some minor adjustments would need to be made to my shape, mainly my lips would need to be adjusted, but that was such a small price to pay to have this terrific skin grace my body.


So Here's the Breakdown...
Sage is available in three tones. The base skin package includes a nude skin with 5 different brow options. Black, Dark, Medium, Light and Ginger. Three different Cleavage tattoo layers are also included as well as a modifiable sage shape. Base package is 1600L

Currently three different cosmetic options are sold, Bombshell, Pink Pucker and Starlet. Each cosmetics includes four tattoo layers marked Day, Flirt, Night and Party. Each Cosmetic set is 1000L while a package inclusive with all three is discounted to 2500L

Mineral Shadows and Lip Glazes
To further enhance The Body Co. skin line, Emma has created four Mineral Shadows and three Lip Glaze packages. Lip packages are 500L and include 5 different colors ranging in series such as Neturals Tropics and Pinks. Mineral Shadows are bundled into sets of three and contain two versions of each shadow.


In all I purchased Sage in the 03 tone and all the cosmetics, the total was 4100L and I roughly have 12 different options for wearing. I refrained from buying the Mineral Shadows and Lipglazes for now, because I want to experiment with other tattoo layers first and 500L for each set was a bit too pricy for me.

Things I'd love to see
I realize that in creating you can't always make everyone happy and the vast amount of hard work a personal self a designer gives when making for our community.  I'm in no way complaining about the quality of the skin but only listing some additional things I would love to see in The Body Co's skin line. It's just my humble two cents or wish list.

Beauty Marks- I'd love to see the option to have freckles, moles and other skin markings. The're is beauty in imperfection at times.

Brow Options and Hair Bases- It would be a dream to see some different brow options come into play on this skin. Customizable brow shapes to fit your unique shape and enhance dramatic looks. Hair Base designs with different lengths and types of fringe and whisps added for extra effect.

Individual Lip and Eye colors- While I appreciate the bundling of the Mineral Shadows and Lip Glazes packs the main thing that held me back from buying was price. I wanted to purchase part of each set or only one shadow out of the bunch so buying a complete pack would have been a bit of a waste for me. 

The Look-Lusciously Red
Skin-The Body Co-Sage-03-Dark Brow
Makeup-The Body Co-Bombshell-Party
Shoes-Stiletto Moody-Elegant Slingback-Ruby Red
Smile-PXL-Mouth Open Addon

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