Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Exodi Luv


It's been so exciting to see Exodi's new skin line Sylvan take shape. I've been following along with every release Ryker has shared since Nov 2010. In each preview you can see the subtle changes Sylvan has undergone until it's transformed into it's beautiful final product.

I'm in love with Sylvan's eyebrows, because they are perfect sculpted and have the right amount of arch to them. Sylvan's taught tummy is an area of the skin that I'm drooling over. Finally I won't fail to mention the oh so kissable lips Ryker has given Sylvan. I can't wait till Ryker releases the full line. The Candy Kiss skin is still available for sale at only 50L. I'm not sure how long Ryker will keep this skin available. Last I read from a group notice it was going to be removed on Feb 13th. so Hurry while you can.

Exodi also released a new line of Reflective eyes and they are seriously gorgeous. I'm a bit picky when talking about eyes. Currently I'm loyal to two brands and Exodi is my favorite because no one can give shine and personality to your peepers like Ryker can. The Reflective eyes set all achieve a spectacular shine by adding subtle pink accents to the corners, which bring new brightness to Exodi's eyes.

The Look-Exodi Luv
Hair-LAMB!-Mess-Chocolate Bars Pack
Skin-Exodi-Sylvan-Soleil- Candy Kisses
Eyes-Exodi-Reflective eyes-Storm
Lingerie-Ooh LALA-Funky Hearts-Lula valentines purchase

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