Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ivalde's Newness


This past weekend Ivalde released some major newness in the sweet retro style that only Nef can create. Honestly, I don't know how Nef manages to get so many stunning outfits released, but I am ever so grateful and happy that she does. Today's looks are all inspired by my perception of the retro housewife. It was so much fun putting these looks together and creating little scenes. Hope you enjoy.

Good Housewife-
She's a dream come true in the kitchen. A culinary expert that can master baker that's always ready to provide that second helping of Meatloaf. Her look is flawless, not a hair nor eyelash out of place. Her clothing is perfect and Ivalde's the only designer she would consider. With her Meike skirt in red and Zella baby blue top she's the Sweetheart of the kitchen.

Zella top available in six colors, Meike skirt available in six colors.

Ivalde-Mad HouseWife

The Mad Housewife-
There comes a point when every good housewife becomes a Mad housewife from all the cleaning. Perhaps it's a side effect of the fumes from the oven cleaner. The dishes can go to hell and what's that burning smell coming from the kitchen? When it gets this bad the only cure is a nice glass of wine and a smoke. Comfort is ideal here and Ivalde's Millicent Yellow Rose top and Radella cardigan will not only keep her warm, but also looking chic in case any unexpected company arrives.

Millicent Rose is available in 4 colors, Radella Cardigan is available in 8 colors. 

Ivalde-Handy Housewife

The Handy Housewife-
What to do? Your husbands is at work and there are some repairs that needs to be done, oh my! Handy Housewife waits for no man and has a can do attitude. She's ready to, "Dare to Repair", any household appliance and is even prepared to tackle the automobile if necessary. No man required. She does; however, manage to keep her alluring feminine mystique as she works by wearing the latest from Ivalde. Her Gertha antik top in red and Jeanny high wasted modified carpenter pants from Ivalde are ideal for managing all household maitance.

Gertha antik is available in 4 colors, Jeanny is available in 4 colors

All pieces shown from Ivalde are available as separates.

The Look-Housewife Style
Hair Photo 1-Clawtooth-Somebody's Lady-Captivating Brunette
Hair Photo 2-Artilleri-Sabina-Browns
Hair Photo 3- Aden-AutumnII- no longer for sale
Skin-The Body Co.-Sage T03**Full skin review soon**
The Body Co.-Makeup-Pink Pucker-Flirt
Smile-PXL-Mouth Add on 
Shoes- TokiD-Le Ballerine shines-Yello
Pants photo 2-This is a Fawn-Pegged Jeans-50L friday
Earrings-Miao-former Kess Kreations- Rose Earring
Broach-W&B-Rae Bird Brooch-Special Red
Props and Kitchen Appliances- Artilleri Home

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