Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Vogue" with the First Annual Pose Fair 2010

The First Annual Pose Fair is here and underway!! The Pose fair opened it's doors on April 2, 2010 and will run until April 16th, 2010. Almost 100 pose vendors have all gathered for this event to raise funds for Motivation, which is an organization that helps individuals with mobility disabilities. This worthy, noble and heartfelt cause is the main beneficiary of the first annual poise fair. The second are the wonderful, generous and talented Animators/pose makers that make us avatars mobile. This pose fair not only brought awareness to Motivation, but it also made myself and others conscious of the influence that animators/pose makers have within SL. I will admit sometimes tend to forget these praises and have inadvertently made them the unsung heroes of my blog and SL life.

Without these creators SL Residents would become vapid, lifeless dolls without expression and movement. Stuck in Linden chicken walks with our arms tapered at our side like stumps. Instead of walking we would waddle to one another and resemble poultry more than humans. Intimate embraces such as cuddles, kisses, hugs and group shots would become a faded memory. Which is why it's important to provide kudos to these creators.

I honestly have a lot of fun editing photos and picking out the perfect pose is a big part of my creative process. Which is why I have decided to make a commitment from this post on to provide a little credit at the bottom of my blog for pose makers and props, as a way to say Thank you; I appreciate you; and PLEASE keep doing the fabulous work that allows me to "strike a pose, and Vogue".

**Note..I sat on writing this post for about a week, RL became busy and always comes first. I created a flicker set with the photos I had intended on using for this post. Poses from stores: Poise, Dismorph, posemaster. please click link if you care to view....and now on to the closing credits and music.

The Look-Strike A pose
Hair-Clawtooth-Lovely Liz
Skin-Exodi-Dael Maui-He Loves Me-Lt/F (sneak peek skin available until 4/30)
Dress-P.C.-In Like a Lion (older collection and still a fav)
Necklace-Exodi- Southsea Choker
Pose- GEEZ-Set 3-012

Come on, vogue
Let your body move to the music, hey, hey, hey
Come on, vogue
Let your body go with the flow, you know you can do it
- Vogue- Madonna

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