Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Harder, Better, Faster Stronger" with SLDD

**Note-Great ideas are not created over night but rather change and adapt over time. It's through this growth that the small become bigger until they become the best. It takes hard work: scripting, negotiation, marketing, patience and above all else time and love. Thank you SLDD for creating something wonderful and unique in SL. Shopaholics around SL thank you, appreciate you and support you 100%.

I'm a total shopoholic in SL. Which is why when I see a sale on an item that I would have normally purchased at full price it's a total bonus. It's like adding the cherry on the ice cream brownie that makes life just a little sweeter. For me, SLDD is the cherry of my shopping excursions. I rely on SLDD to keep to date on new stores, exclusive promotions and items. Anyone that is a thrifty shopper or a lover of discounts can appreciate SLDD.

With more possibilities for savings and a new innovative membership card system SLDD has returned with a twist. SLDD cards are great because they provide exclusive discounts on some of the best designers in SL. These designers are providing a generous offer to the community by discounting their work for these daily deals. Daily discounts provide 50% off one fantastic item. Designers are also providing an additional 10-25% percent off their normal prices on selected items. This is the bonus. Currently SLDD is providing a promotion to kick off the start of the new program. Membership cards are only selling for 10L for the rest of this month. It's really a great steal. This offer is perfect for those that are curious and interested in testing how the membership works.

Designers include:
Whippet & Buck
Phoenix Rising

The Look:Rockin my SLDD Card
Hair- ETD Marisela II-Espresso
*Skin- L.Fauna-Faberge-(Group gift)
*Dress- Phoenix Rising-Cassandra's Envy(Black) SLDD 50%off
*Necklace- Exodi-Southsea Choker
*Pose- LAP-M-No, Please

* SLDD shop

Work It Harder Make It Better
Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger
More Than Ever Hour After
Our Work Is Never Over -Daft Punk

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Luna Jubilee said...

Awesome write up, Bells! I'm so happy you're enjoying SLDD <3

Cute pic-that dress is so perfect for you :)