Monday, April 19, 2010

Newness from Amacci

Amacci has released a new skin line Giselle. Giselle is beautiful and come in a total of four skin tones ranging from light to dark. Giselle's skin tone's are natural and realistic in their tone with quirks such as moles placed in key areas of the body giving this skin character. Amacci has a total of 24 makeup all glam and great for enhancing your favorite outfit or look. Amacci provides great options along with their skin line, Cleavage enhancement, a hair base and normal option are available with all skins. Each skin runs for 900L while fat packs containing 8 skins are 3000L.
Amacci Web site

Hair-Fri-Eloise-Sensitive Black
Lingerie-Effie Set-MINT
Pose-EverGlow-Gift-Pose5 (from PF 2010)

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