Monday, April 26, 2010

"Sunday Girl" A Look of the Day

I'm going to try something a little new this week, rather than do reviews or post on one particular store/item I am going to do "look of the days". This is just a little experiment. I'm hoping I can get Seven posts this week, Sunday-Saturday.  Today's look of the day is all about Sunday comfort because after a night out on the town on Saturday it's all about relaxing.

The Look- Relaxing Sunday
Hair-Tiny Bird-Two Weeks-Natural Red-(50L special)
*Skin-L.FaunaL. Fauna Skins- Velvet-(Limited edition until April 30th)
Shirt-Kenzie&CO-Voir La Vie En Rose
*Pants-*BOOM*-Seamen Pants
Necklace-Yummy-Travlers Charm
*Glasses-Urbanity-Geek Glasses (Themeory Special)
*Pose-LAP-RCD-Gutsy PR4

*SLDD store
Remember "Touch. Pay", that's the way to save with SLDD.

"Baby, I would like to go out tonight
If I go with you my folks'll get uptight
Stay at home Sunday girl"-Blondie-Sunday Girl

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