Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Change Your Mind

Change Your MindYeah yeah ......I bet you haven't heard a word I've said
Yeah yeah..........If you've had enough of all your tryin'
Just give up...............The state of mind you're in
-Sister Hazel, Change your Mind

Smoking for me was something I wanted to quit for a long time. I did that whole, I’m going to quit then like clockwork I would start back up again after a few weeks. Something would trigger the smoking again. Stress, Peer Pressure, not enough will power the quitting never really sunk in. I really didn't like smoking. I hated the smell, the constant worry about my breath, not to mention the added risk factor. Quitting was just so hard. Something I had to change.

I quit smoking almost 4 years ago, on my 9th Rezz day. I really wanted to say, my 10 Rezz day I accomplished so much and I had SL to Thank for it. For me, my 10th Rezz day meant One Year of no smoking. I woke up Happy with pride for what I accomplished and excitement for the day. (I took a photo.)

I can admit there are days when I do have the URGE to smoke, but then I remind myself of all the reasons why I quit. One cigarette can mean starting this whole timeline over again. The American Cancer society's has a wonderful timeline listed of all the benefits of quitting smoking. This timeline has been one of the Biggest motivators in quitting.

My milestone of 5 years is approaching next year which means that after 5 years of not smoking tobacco products my chances of developing certain cancers reduces and in some cases falls to the same level of a person who never smoked before. For me, this is huge! I'm at risk for developing cancer myself.

That's the big reason why I don't engage in the behavior. Smoking is just one more thing that can compound or increase my chances of developing cancer; and Cancer, is something that is in my family’s medical history.  I am quite frightened about my chances of developing cervical cancer specifically. I have some things in my own medical history which puts me at higher risk to develop cervical cancer. Smoking only adds more fuel to the fire. There are some complications right now I don't have access to medical treatment and privacy to properly get help. (cross your fingers for me that things change for me soon.)

If you are someone who uses tobacco products please consider stopping or never starting smoking. it's not just a nasty habit, but its one that has serious health negatives...and yes, vaping counts. (Sorry) As I've become older I know my stance on smoking has changed severely. I don't want it near me and I will lecture you if you smoke in my vicinity. After all, we're talking about the health and safety of people you are placing your second hand on. Your right to smoke does not interject with my right and decision not to. They are not mutually exclusive.

Today's outfit is brought to you by Two designers who are participating in the Out Shop Cancer Event, Rebellious Rose and xSnitchery.

I found both these designs wonderful and light enough to bring a sense of humor to the smoking aspect of fighting cancer. The Hope for Lung Cancer shirt is one that I think places a serious question or statement around smoking. If you smoke then are you not hoping for lung cancer? Knowing the risks and participating in the behavior isn’t a smart choice.  xSnitchery has several anti or fight cancer statements available at the store kiosks. 

Please take some time to visit these shops, toss some lindens into the kiosks you see and help make a difference. You never know whose life you could be impacting through your contribution and efforts.

Source Information on, "What Happens when you Quit Smoking."  
Musical Inspiration: Sister Hazel, Change your Mind

The Look- Change Your Mind
Hair- Pr!tty - Dakota - [Updo] - [Grayscales]
Skin- Glam Affair - Mineko - Catwa Applier 003 - 10 (Arcade Halloween)
**Shirt- xSnitchery, Cancer Slogan Tee
**Pants- Rebellious Rose ~ Daphne  PJ Bottoms
Pose- flowey. breathe out, Bad Habit Set, Cig Included


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