Saturday, October 12, 2019

Hey Pretty

Hey Pretty!

"I see a stairway so I follow it down
Into the belly of a whale where my secrets echo all around."
Hey Pretty- POE

Ships! Ahoy! Anchors Away!
I became transfixed by, BamPu Legacies hat, Poe Reflection Floral Hat. As soon as I saw it I was like, "Hey Pretty." not so much wick of Oz style but more Poe style, like quote the Raven; Nevermore.

BamPu Legacies Hat is just that, it's an Edgar Allen Poe inspired design that is sure to make you sail the seven seas of Second Life Fashion! The hat has everything! Seaweed, dolphins, sails beautiful flowers and a quote and photo of Edgar Allen Poe. To me, its romantic in nature and reminiscent of a Victorian lady's hat

BamPu Legacies is one of the designers that is participating in This month's Out Shop Cancer Event. 50% of the proceeds from this hat will be split between the event and the Store designer.

You can find out more about SL's Outshop Cancer event by taking the link.

The Look- Hey Pretty
Musical Inspiration: Hey Pretty
Hat- Poe's Reflection Floral Hat
***Out Shop Cancer 2019 Store

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