Saturday, July 20, 2019

God Put a Smile Upon your Face

Heart Bombs, Name and post to update soon
"I've gotta say I'm on my way down
God give me style and give me grace
God put a smile upon my face"

God Put a Smile up your Face- Coldplay 

Recently, I've been facing some.....well....the most polite way I can phrase it is challenges. (smirk)

One of the safe topics I can mention is my lawn care fiasco. I got a ticket for my lawn because it was slightly higher than the allowed limit for the city's requirement and I had no wiggle room. I was brought into court and had to pay a fine (under 100 doll hairs.) It's a criminal offense similar to a traffic violation. (I know, weirdness, right? I have a story about getting a ticket in Italy over a bus meter if you ever want to hear about unusual violations I've received. You can't travel without the occasional odd story or two, right?)

Back to my story, I did feel getting this ticket was not warranted but it was beyond my control. So how did I make this feel right for me? Flower seeds, Yes, you read correctly Flower Seeds. After I got over the initial shock of getting the ticket I did something PRODUCTIVE. I bought 3 boxes of flowers to plant in my lawn randomly. I just scattered them into the yard in hopes that they would grow into something beautiful. Flower Bombs I called them.

So what do we do when were faced with such great challenges they become hazardous to our heath and negative beyond what is considered, "normal"? We have to drop LOVE Bombs on people and work against the mob mentality. There is a psychological theory called the Bystander effect. (I'm citing my favorite source, Wikipedia...which is a totally reliable source of information. ;)) 

The bystander effect is something along these lines of, someone in NEED of HELP may not get the aid they need because of the attention the problem receives and it incites apathy. The more we see the problem and have it highlighted without ACTION the worse the situation can be for the victim. More people will be inclined to take the mentality of the larger group and not help. Monkey see Monkey do do.

Sometimes it takes ONE person to make a change and extend the hand to make the situation better. Sometimes it takes a person of influence to stand up and help turn the situation into completely different. It takes courage to stand up and make that change. It takes great character to use your influence for good. Some greatly lack the candor it takes to do this through no fault of their own. It's not an innate behavior but it is one that can become cultivated.

So some things I've been mulling over with my personal challenges. 
Accept help, even if it seems misplaced and becomes overwhelming. What may feel as harassment may just be someone's good intentions gone astray or them not being able to approach the uniqueness of your situation in a way that is appropriate for you to accept as aid.

Give people the benefit of the doubt, even when they don't deserve it. You may be wrong.

Acknowledgment in itself is a WIN, because the more people are involved the harder it will be to cover it up...and acknowledgment of the situation is more than I ever had before.

I wish I could say I'm optimistic about my situation, but I'm not. Opportunity is too great for some and the temptation to elevate themselves beyond the muck is difficult when the monkey see, Monkey doo doo is in full effect.

Thank you for the ones that have tried. I do notice your efforts....and to the other ones. Please take some time to reflect upon yourself.

The Look: God Put a Smile Upon your Face

Musical Inspiration: God Put a Smile Upon your Face

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