Saturday, June 29, 2019

Fight of the Bumblee

Fight of the Bumblee
 "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I LEARN." 
-Benjamin Franklin
I'm so going to discuss the "Second Chance Event" again, but first let me share something a little more personal about what is happening in Bells' RL life. 

Recently, I've been attempting to learn how to play ukulele in RL. I don't want to call this an impulse purchase because truth be told for the last two years I wanted to learn how to play this instrument. I just really wanted to be taught by someone so I could learn to play properly. I found myself motivated by an overwhelming feeling of sadness that blogging, shopping and eating delicious food couldn't fix.

I had to find something that could provide me with a productive outlet to channel my sadness, rather than crying. (Music is usually the fix.) So as of three weeks ago I can happily say that I am now the proud owner of my very own little Ukelelelelele, I mean Ukelele or Uke for short. I posted photos on my flickr if you want to perve. It's ok, I won't complain ;)

Now, let's segway back to SL goodness.  I really had a happy moment when I saw this pose set that Jessica13 Eracktor of Jess Poses created for June's round of Second Chance. A string instrument pose set, ahhh be still my bleating heart. Now, if I could just see some really cute Uke poses my heart would flutter at the speed of a bumblebee taking flight.

Jess's pose set comes complete with a total of 4 poses all with props of a violin and bow. They are really cute. The Second Chance Event is ending its June's round soon, so please get your fannies over quickly and pick up a deal or two. Don't miss out on these absolutely fabulous off that so many SL designers have places out for us.

.....and yes, I do know the song is called, "FLIGHT of the bumblebee", not "Fight of the bumblebee", but I seriously couldn't help making the puny reference.

Musical Inspiration: Flight of the Bumblee

The Look, Flight of the Bumbleebee

Hair- Bold & Beauty- Hair- Kinsley
Dress- Dead Dollz - Roxanne Dress - Pink
Pose- Jess Poses Fatpack Violin
Location- Angel Manor Estate

Second Chance Event

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