Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just wanna play with you.....

Don't you want to play? I know I do.

The ROMP's Summer Fair has officially opened and there are so many lovely items in my inventory it was difficult choosing what to blog. I think I might have gone just a little overboard with the pink in today's post, but I what can I say, I do love the color. All the items in today's photos are directly from ROMP's Summer Fair. (except the hair and skin) Which makes ROMP a one stop shop for your entire naughty needs. ROMP's Summer Fair is open from July 3-17th. So don't worry there is a lot of time to head over and get your ROMP on.

Let's take a look at what I'm wearing in today's post; (although I know it's not much.) Violent Seduction, released a cute harness, Siccus and its a complete outfit with a matching bra and panty; I know I'm only wearing the bottom harness in these photos. What I favor most about this harness is the little flair at the hips which I think give a flirty little feel. The panties include Maitreya Mesh Body appliers and are perfect for providing a little coverage.

Now for the toys, there are two creators that I am showcasing in the post. HopScotch's and The Horror. HopScotch's Bunny Gag looks so innocuous and innocent who would believe it was created to muffle moans. HopScotch, has four versions of animals that you can choose from: Bunny, Cat, Fox and Pig. All are equally adorable. The Horror's Candy Collection (the tray with toys) is available in two color options; pink and black. Each toy in the Candy Collection can be unlinked for individual use. I happen to think these toys are very well made and would make a great addition to anyone who enjoys taking naughty photos.

Finally, let's get down to where the magic happens....the boom chika bow wow.....well you know what I mean, the bed... Jian, has released an entire bedroom set at the fair and it's fantastic. In fact I just put away my old bed because I enjoy Jian's bedroom set so much. Each part of the bed can be customized to suit you. The wood, blankets, pillows, sheets can all change color. Not only is Jian's bedroom set aesthetically pleasing, but there is also great function in all the poses that are included. (both naughty and nice)

Now, If I could just find someone to play with..............
Untitled The Look- Play Thing
Hair- Magika - Shine
Skin-Glam Affair - Amberly - Artic Valentine
Sex Toy Props-The Horror!~ Candy Collection (Bubblegum)
Bunny Gag-*~*HopScotch*~* Animal Bunny Set
Garter-Violent Seduction - Siccus Harness (Pink)
Bed & Pose-Jian - Saxton Bedroom

Musical Inspiration: Of Montreal- Id Engager

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