Sunday, July 5, 2015

I'll Be That Girl

I'll be that girl..... 
It becomes hard to breathe, the stocking drawing tighter around her neckline as petite de morte approaches.  

Today, I'm going to be showcasing two items from ROMP's summer fair. I have to admit that I have been having fun working up the last few posts on the blog; but sadly all good things must come to an end or at least a there comes a point where you take a little break. So I will be putting away the naughty for a little while to focus on other things. Who knows what might catch my attention next. Now, let's get back to ROMP's summer fair.

When I first saw Goth1c0's Asphyxia Erotic Stockings I became a little intrigued not because I'm a fan of autoerotic asphyxiation, (I'm much more of a vanilla, plain Jane person.) but rather because Goth1c0 has done such a great job creating this Role-play enhancement. Asphyxia is rigged mesh and an original design. It feels soft, lightweight and sheer giving the illusion of a real stocking wrapped around your neck.

The second thing I would like to highlight in today's post are the shoes on my feet. Nardcotix released two sets of shoes for ROMP'S summer fair Lola and Jordan heels. I'm wearing the Jordan heels in the photo up above. I really like the Jordan heels because they are so well made. Finding shoes in SL that are beautifully sculpted and work with the Maitreya Mesh Body has been a challenge for me so these shoes have been a dream.

ROMP's summer fair is open until July 17th, so make sure you make your way over to pick up some items of your own.

 Musical Inspiration: "I'll be that Girl"- BNL

The Look- Asphyxia
Hair-Magika [Hair] Honest
Skin-Glam Affair - Luna skin - Jamaica Tone 
Stocking Necktie-Goth1c0: Asphyxia stockings
Shoes-NX-Nardcotix Jordan Wedge Red
Pose- an lar [poses]-The Demure Series
Bedroom Set- Jian - Saxton Bedroom Complete

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