Saturday, June 27, 2015

Orange you happy I didn't say banana?

Orange you happy I didn't say banana?

I know.... a bad knock knock joke, but I can't help it. I totally found The Secret Store's Midkini too cute not to feature in today's post and wouldn't you know it has bananas all over it, so I hope you can pardon the silly post title.  

The main reason why I am posting today is because I was contacted by Jessica Marville of Razmataz Art, poses and Animations about an upcoming photo contest; and let me tell you it's kinda cool. Razmataz, is a pose store that has cute poses and animations. I took some time yesterday to explore the store and what I found was great poses and animations for couples, singles and even silly animations like guitar smashing, putting on lipstick and even talking on a cell phone. It seems that whatever situation you might find yourself wanting to express in SL, Razmataz has you covered. It's worth a TP just to visit and look around. Now let's talk about the photo contest.

Whether you are a novice photographer or an experienced one you will want to try your hand at Razmataz's photo contest. In order to enter you would need to take the TP and visit Razmataz to pick up July's photo contest poses. These poses are pretty inexpensive. (I think I paid 15L per pose) The prize for the July Photo contest is the following: A pose package, custom made pose and a free portrait by Natzuka Miliandrovic. Now I took the liberty of checking out Natzuka's photo stream and it's really nice. I enjoyed looking over her photos. If you would like to look go ahead and take a peak here. The winning photo will be placed in the store and on the marketplace. so this is a great opportunity to showcase your photo skills, learn some new one and just have fun.

To find out more information on Razmaraz's photo contest and to enter please follow the links above to visit the store. Happy Shopping!

The Look- Orange you happy I didn't say banana?
Hair-Chemistry Hair - Vines - Browns
Skin--Glam Affair - Sia Europa
Swimsuit-The Secret Store - Carmen Midkini - Banana
Pose- Razmataz-part of the July photo contest pose set

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