Friday, March 6, 2015

A** like that

A** Like That-1

Today I'm showcasing some goodies that I recently acquired....and some are a bit naughty in nature. Let's start at the top and work our way down.

I picked up this wig from The Arcade gacha event. Clawtooth designed this beautiful side swept pony tail that includes flowers. Both the hair color and flowers are controlled by a Hud and can be changed to suit your styling needs.

I then headed to Collab88 and picked up this cute lingerie set from one of my long time favorite designers, Nylon Pinkney of Nylon Outfitters. I have been a fan of Nylon's creations since I first joined SL back in 2006/2007. I must own pretty close to everything she has created. This lingerie set I am wearing comes with both system layer clothing as well as appliers for the Maitreya body, which is a total plus for anyone who is switching to a mesh body.

Finally I made my way to the naughty part of SL and picked up a few things i found in Strawberry Singh's recent post. The Whore Couture Fair is currently showcasing some well made naughty clothing, poses, shoes, skins in SL. Since, I'm not particularity naughty (stop laughing) I didn't pick up too many goodies; however, I might go back and grab a few things for some upcoming photos.

A** Like That -2

Exposure, owned by RubyStarlight Writer, an awesome pose creator, designed a set of poses for the Red Light District. oooh yea, it's that naughty part of Amsterdam we hear so much about. I'm thrilled that Ruby made this set because it's a total dream come true. There are a 13 poses included in this set and multiple people can use it at once. I feel it will make for a really fun evening if I could get together a group of friends and TP in a guy or two for a photo shoot. It could make a great prop for a "Red light district" party.....hmmmm...that's a thought.

Last, but certainly not least are the gorgeous shoes designed by Duncan Giano. Open toes and long wooden heels...Aubrey is a combination of classy and sexy. They remind me of a pair of shoes I coveted during my late teens. The ones my mother wouldn't let me wear, but mamma if you could see me now in these heels.  Aubrey is available in 8 different colors and well worth the purchase. They work with several mesh bodies; Maitreya, Belleza, The Mesh Project even Slink feet.

As for today's post title, well....I have to admit I was tuning into my "Bells Booty" playlist, and Eminem's, "Ass like that"popped up while i was editing the photo.  (hides face in shame, I know) I will spare you the youtube link and musical lyrics for this post.

The Look- A** Like that 
Hair- Clawtooth: La Bella Donna (with flowers)
Skin-Glam Affair - Alice Cygana - Jamaica
Body-Maitreya Mesh Body- Laura
Lingerie set-Nylon Outfitters- Sheer Valentines Set - White
Pose Set-Exposeur - Red Light Showcase
Shoes-Duncan Giano-Aubrey in White

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