Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bird Song

Bird Songs

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." - Lou Holtz

The Skin Fair and The Boutique hit my pocket book at once yesterday making it almost impossible to determine my first must have purchases from these events. Finally, after teleporting from sim to sim and trying on demo after demo I chose today's look "Bird Song".

Casa Del Shai has been a label that I have worn since I first rezzed into SL. I loved the style, colors and that all items were hand painted. Casa Del Shai was not only a favorite of mine, but my better half, Frankie Palliard also loved this label. We used to spend hours shopping together trying to coordinate our outfit and Casa Dl Shai was one of the first stores that allowed us to do this effortlessly because the quality was beautiful for not only women, but men too. Often Casa de Shai made male and female outfits which complimented one another. I really can't begin to tell you how excited I became when I saw Shai's announcement on plurk that she was releasing a new skin for The Skin Fair. I knew this would be a skin that I would have to try out.

Song is one of Shai's new skins and is available at The Skin Fair. You can find Shai Skins on sim 1 at The Skin Fair. Song has ten different makeup options. Each skin contains four brow options, sculpted lashes (not worn in the photo) a bare skin and a makeup version with two cleavage options. I personally think Shai has done a great job on this skin line. Song brings together fantasy, fashion and flair into one skin.

To be fair, I am going to mention that I have altered the original skin by adding a lipstick stick tattoo, mole tattoo and mesh teeth to moderately enhance and achieve a unique personal style. I hope these small changes do not deter you from trying a demo of Song.

The Look- Bird Song
Hair-Exile- Daniela- Naturals- Sunset
Skin- Shai Skins- Song- Bird- The Skin Fair
Mole Tattoo- Okkbye- Moles-Fashion Week 3/2013
Lip Tattoo-L. Fauna Lipstick- Red 2
Teeth- Okkbye-Mesh Teeth- Fashion Week 3/12
Earrings-Je suis tente- Fire Earring
Dress-Baiastice- Rie- Dress Orange Red- The Boutique
Stockings-erratic- patterned stockings- skulls- white- FLF
Shoes-Gos Boutique- Grace Sandals- Red Glitter
Pose- !Bang- Carefree- pose 1- The Boutique
Location- Botanical Landscaping- Water Lily

*All LM marked as "The Skin Fair" are for Sim 1, which I found to have the lowest lag each time I visited. 

Additional information for !Bang

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