Monday, June 11, 2012

Dinomite! Week 19- Pueblo

Dinomite- Week# 19 Pueblo

This weekend I spent some time on the Tableau sim exploring the dinosaur park. Tableau is one of the sims I really enjoy visiting because there is so much to see and it changes quite often. I can't count the number of hours I have spent exploring this Sim over the years, but I can tell you, it's a lot. The Dinosaur park reminds me of the scene of Peewee Herman's Big Adventure when he ventures into the dinosaurs. The main reason why I choose Tableau for today's post is because of Luna's Color Challenge, I'm on week 19 which is Pueblo which made Tableau the perfect backdrop location.

I'm also wearing as much of Pueblo as I could find within my inventory. There are two key pieces I would like to point out today, because they are new to me and deserve a blog shout out.

First off, Eclectica has recently released a pair of eye glasses called 50's glasses. The set I'm wearing today are Rhinestones, but there is also another set available which are Scrolls and Pearls. These glasses are customizable and allow almost every small detail to change according to your style. Frames, decorative detail and lenses are all scripted and have various textures and colors you can change. I hardly wear glasses, but Elecetica's 50's glasses are beautiful and were a great addition to have in my wardrobe. If you owned a previous version of the Eclectica's glasses you can contact the creator and ask for an upgrade. They are not only great for ladies, but work quite well for fashionable gentleman. ;)

The next thing I want to point out my hair from Clawtooth. I picked up this hair during the last Collaborate 88 event and just can't get enough of it. (mostly because it reminds me of my RL hair style and length.) Clawtooth has two new hairstyles out for Collaborate 88 which I am seriously debating on picking both of them up. Clawtooth is currently having a sale on Hair packs, This includes: new hair, fat packs, discounted wall and accessories. The sale runs from June 2nd-June16. So there is still time to TP in and grab a new style.

Next Color Challenge Post will be Deep Pink. :) I know I have loads in my inventory of that color.

The Look- Dinomite!
Hair-Clawtooth- Glamazon- Brunettes
Skin-Dutch Touch-Esmee- Dark Olive
Eyeglasses-Eclectica- 50's Glasses- Rhinestones
Shirt- Essences- Sugar Free Jacket -arcoiris
Pants-Sn@tch- Community College Capris- Rust
Necklace-Yummy!-Heart Window Necklace
Pose-Striking Poses -Katy Perry Pose

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Unknown said...

Oh yah i understand why you spend so much time in the park. It is really very nice to see new updates every week. You chose some very nice safari dress for the trip :) This glasses gives you a look like your are a scientist who explore the dinosaur :) Actually i was looking for the same (to complete my "teacher" style :)But i didn't find models of glasses as i saw here. May be your can advice me some places where i can find some similar designer glasses?