Friday, May 18, 2012

52 Weeks of Color, Week 16- Bright Turquoise

52 Weeks of Color -Week 16- Bright Turquoise
                "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."- Walt Disney

I've had this photo sitting on my desktop for a whole week now, but I just didn't have the time to edit it in photo shop until today. Today's post is on bright turquoise.

It seems the longer these color challenges take place the harder it is for me to complete them. Finding different variations of color within my inventory is a bit hard. I think this is a sign everything must be deleted and to start over again... Mmmm perhaps not.

Some cute new items I've picked up special for this color challenge are my outfit from Sn@TCH and this uber cool Unicorn Carouse horse from Intrigue Company.

I'm currently in love with this Unicorn, I've decided to name him Twinkle...don't judge. Twinkle reminds me of make believe, magic and just makes me happy when I get a chance to ride across Sims. Intrigue Co. helps bring the magic to Second Life. One of the cutest things about this Unicorn Carouse is when you first wear it plays, "Somewhere over the Rainbow". Just melts my heart a bit.

Next Color challenge post is on Shuttle Grey..This one is going to be tough. Time to put the thinking cap on. 

The Look- Turquoise Dreams
Hair-Truth- Bunny- Coolmint
Skin-Dutch Touch- Esmee- Dark Olive
Outfit-Sn@tch- Calypso-Aqua
Prop- Intrigue Co. - Unicorn Carousel

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