Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spoiled Vampire Princess- Week 49-Wenge


Since it's so close to Halloween I've been wearing a doll avatar around second life for fun. I've noticed some interesting things that have occurred over the last couple of days, although I can't say that it been completely positive. I'll get into the differences I've noticed later.

First off the Spoiled Vampire Princess avatar is so cute and well made. It's a complete avatar and includes, two skins, two sets of ears (human and Nymph) and claws as well as a doll head shape. I love that this Doll is cut but evil. I picked it up from the For the Love of Hunt. My outfit is tailored to the 52 weeks of color challenge, color Wenge, week number 49.

so back to the little things I've noticed since wearing my new avie. The Spoiled Vampire Princess is a small shaped avatar that is supposed to resemble a doll; however I am getting mistaken for a child avatar.  Friends who are not used to seeing me outside my normal shape have commented on " How short I look". Strangers have stopped mid conversation and refused to acknowledge my hello. Even a normal shopping trip resulted in a couple of comments that were negative from other patrons.

Negative comments aside, it's not going to stop me from wearing this avatar because in the end it's really it's quite fun to wear. I plan on continuing dressing as a doll for a while at least until I find a new Halloween Costume.

Next Weeks's color challenge is Mulberry.

The Look- Spoiled and Cute
Hair- Exile-Steph- Chocolate
Avatar-TSG-BJD- Spoiled Vampire Princess
Dress- Tram-To One Lounge- Fringed Orchid
Stockings-Zaara- Nishar socks- Nude
Shoes-Deco-Bloom Heel

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Luna Jubilee said...

oh heavens you are just to adorable!!