Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweet Treats from "Ear Candy"

EarCandy photo2

Maeve Mortlock dropped of some delicious Ear Candy goodies on me from the Jewelry fair. What really caught my eye about these designs are that they are not only charming but they are also very affordable. Items are priced at only 59L. Which is such an incredible deal considering the quality of the work Maeve presents. I'll attempt to let my photo show the beauty of her designs, I only hope I can do them justice.

Ear Candy Photo 3

Maeve has taken her love of creating RL jewelry and turned it into something she loves equally in Second Life. She states "creating in SL is not only easier its cheaper and discarding a piece doesn’t hurt nearly as much". Her designs; however are not something I would not call simple. It's obvious that a lot of work and time is invested with each piece she creates. New pieces are created on a weekly basis whether it's a bracelet or ring Maeve lets the creativity flows in her designs. Ear Candy is also part of the 60L weekend, This is when you can pick up sets at unbelievable great prices.

Ear Candy photo1

*Special Note the Middle Picture, "Beauty and the Beast set" is an Oxfam item, 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this design will be donated to charity. The set is only 100l, Please stop by the fair and pick it up.

Photo 1- Closed Eye Beauty
Hair-Eha-Aki-Season Hunt freebie
Skin-Vive9- Manon Pale-Discontinued skin, Never released picked up when store was closing.
*Jewerly set-Ear Candy, Maeve Mortlock-Opal Stone Rose Set

Photo 2- Beauty and the Beast Set- Oxfam Item
Hair-Kookie- Chiggy- Coal- Christmas Gift- Beta
Skin-Vive9-Aoki- Light Tropical- Discontinued skin, picked up when store was closing
*Jewerly Set-Ear Candy, Maeve Mortlock- Beauty &the Beast- set for Jewelry fair

Photo 3- Amazon Queen
Hair-Tekuteku-Churi- Firebrick-Bow De rendered
Skin-Vive9- Dakota- Flying Renaissance-Discontinued skin, Never released picked up when store was closing
Dress- Casa Del Shai, Shai Delacroix- Chryselda Gown Gold Orchid
*Jewerly Set- Ear Candy, Maeve Mortlock- Amazon Inspired Set
*Pose-!Bang-Trieste Minuet, Glitz V2F

*Blogger Item, Lm Given to main store

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Maeve Mortlock said...

Aw, thanks Bells. Beautiful pics!!