Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beauty and the Beast, Jewelry Fair 2010


When darkness settles over the sky the beast emerges from her slumber and stands guard on a tall tower. She watches over the village and looks off into the distance past the enchanted forest to the castle of Beauty. Her desire to be in a different place consumes her thoughts. The beast knows she will never be able to flee the confides of the castle her burden to carry the rose around her neck is a heavy one, after all How can a beast be a beauty? As the darkness subsides and daybreak approaches the beast knows her time has passed. She tosses her pale mane back and stretches as she heads to her lair for her peaceful slumber to dream of the Beauty she will never see.

It's that time of year again where we pay special homage to the exceptionally skilled prim manipulators of Second Life,That's right  Jewelers. These shiny trinkets and elaborate designs are the main focus of the 2010 Jewelry Fair which will run from October 8th -17th. This Year's theme is Beauty and the Beast which showcases four beautiful whimsical fairy tale themed Sims to match this event.

Sim 1- The Enchanted Forest- a winding path through trees and foliage, with gypsy wagons, tinkers' carts, cabins and straw huts. This will include fantasy, ethereal and eclectic style jewelry. Several photo op locations are available on this Sim

Sim 2- Beast's Castle- - dark themed, to include jewelers of Gothic/BDSM type offerings. Jewelry with a bit of devious intentions. Bid Booths are located inside the beast's castle. TP in and check out the wonderful auction items.

Sim 3- Beauty's Castle- fancier shops, for jewelers with formal and traditional jewelry. Great Photo locations with Festive ballroom inside beauty's castle ideal for dancing. All events are held on this Sim

Sim 4-The Village-homey Bavarian style shop buildings with a town square, will feature casual style jewelers.

Class/Demo area and Events


This years benefactor is the Oxfam International. "The Oxfam International is a confederation of 13 like-minded organizations working together and with partners and allies around the world to bring about lasting change. We work directly with communities and we seek to influence the powerful to ensure that poor people can improve their lives and livelihoods and have a say in decisions that affect them." -Oxfam Website

One of the things I really admire about this fair is 100% of the proceeds from vendor entry fees, one of a kind auctions, paid sponsors, events/games during the fair are going to Oxfam.  Many Jewelers are putting up special vendors to share 50% of the proceeds with Oxfam, definitely worth looking at.

Also the donation kiosks are cleverly disguised as wishing wells, so if you're feeling generous please make a wish and help someone else's dream come true.

Can a Beast be a Beauty?

Located around the Sims you will find tips to make your experience at the Jewelry Fair more enjoyable. Please be considerate of others and reduce the amount of scripted items you are wearing. If you cannot live without an AO please click the signs and receive a floating bubble AO. The AO is really cute not only does it help promote the Sims fairy tale qualities but it also helps in reducing lag.

Ever Wonder how jewelry design is done in Second Life?  Well if you are interested in finding out the jewelry fair is hosting classes/ demonstrations to help answer these and many other questions you might have. Skilled Jewelry designers of Second Life, will share some secrets from their trade. These special events are accessible to everyone around the world since classes are available in various times ranging from morning to night. Oh and if you're looking for a little entertainment there are also kissing booths and musical acts as well. Below I've listed the class/ demonstration schedule for other activities please visit the fair for more information.

Schedule of Events
Monday October 11th
Rox Arten 9am Demonstration Build
Calla Cela 6pm Camera Controls for Jewelers

Tuesday Oct 12th
Rox Arten 9am My First Ring Building Class
Preston Gravios 3pm Prim Torture & Nano Sizing
Calla Cela 5pm Prim Torture 101

Wednesday Oct 13th
Rox Arten 10am My First Earrings Building Class
Preston Gravios 2pm Beginning Jewelry Building Class
Calla Cela 8pm One Prim Pierced Earring

Thursday Oct 14th
Rox Arten 9am Demonstration Build
Sian Birke 5pm Low Lag Jewelry Building Class
Calla Cela 6pm One Prim Chandelier Earring

Friday Oct 15th
Rox Arten 10am My First Bracelet Building Class
Calla Cela 5pm Starburst Prim for Jewelers
Rox Arten7pm Simple Belly ring Building Class

Photo Credits
The Beast Look
Hair-Lamb, Lamb Bellic- Breeze-Powder
*Skin-LeLutka,Friday skin-50L friday
*Eye Makeup-L.Fauna, Launa Fauna- Shadow Edge-50L friday
Lingerie-Luxeria, Belinda- Black
*Horns, Goat Feet, Tail-Sn@tch, Ivey Deschanel-Demonic Influence
*Wings-Sn@tch, Ivey Deschanel-Death Angel Wings
Jewelry- La Forgia-Arwen Choker Black w/ Flexy
Sim- Photos Taken on Beast Sim

The Beauty Look
Hair-Lamb, Lamb Bellic-Ghost- Snickers
Skin-Dutch Touch,Iki Ikarus-XaYa- Moon-Olive
*Eye Makeup- Kyoot-Feline (Wine Berry)-2.0 tattoo layer,- 50L friday 
Dress- Paper Couture-Crossroads Gown
Jewelry- Donna Flora, Squinternet Larnia- NAHUA black set- (Sim 1)
Sim- Photos Taken on Beauty Sim

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