Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Plurky Blogger Challenge Sette, (7) "I love his Clothes"

PBC-7-Put em up

You got something to say? put up those dukes and let me show you what I'm made of.

Just Kidding, I'm just trying to show off my tough male look cause this week Plurky Blogger Challenge is all about clothes that we wear from the opposite sex. Last month I had a little experiment where I sported a man's shape and donned some clothing so this challenge wasn't a big stretch for me. The biggest part of this challenge was bringing in enough feminine touches and altering my shape and clothing to fit my body properly.

PBC-7-I love his clothes

So let's talk alterations...
I did modify my shape by taking my normal cleavage down to a nonexistent number.  Alphamale's prim jackets are made for the male figure not for the female and don't handle the curves all that well. I did photoshop the bottom left of my jacket to wrap around my avatar after posing. My pants were altered too. Instead of a loose relaxed fit  I made the Savile Row jeans tighter so they could hug my hips and accentuate the woman parts of my body. I also used male poses in my post because I tried to keep my look authentic. All poses are from Diesel Works from the Alagan Set. My favorite out of the set is Alagan11 (Shown on the first photo)

PBC-7- Male Dress.

The Look: I Love His Clothes
Hair-LAMB, Lamb Bellic-Sleepyhead-Snickers
Skin-Vive9- Manon Pale-Never Released- Picked up when store was closing
Lipstick-Cheap Makeup- Miss Priss Lipstick 9- 50L Friday
Jacket- Alphamale- Classic Leather Jacket- Make Him Over Hunt-Freebie
Turtleneck&Pants-Savile Row, CJ Canot-Oxford brown 50L Friday- 5th and Oxford
Shoes- Bax Prestige Boots Brown Leather

The Scene- Props
Chair-Olive Juice, IsabellaGrace Baroque- Into the Woods Stool- 50L Friday
Leaves-Olive Juice, IsabellaGrace Baroque- Fall Group Gift
Poses- Diesel Works- Alagan Set

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