Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zombie Love


She turned to the side and let out a deep sigh. As much as she had tried to resist, the damage was already done. The only tangible item she had now was the locket that carried their photo. Her memories of their tryst will be burned in her mind. She said she would love him forever, too bad her craving for flesh and brains was more powerful than their love. Zombie Love never lasts.

Ok, so yea, I went off on a tangent with the whole Zombie lines up ahead, but I was really hoping to set a mood for this photo. This is a look is one that has been morphed from what I was originally going for. I was trying to pull off a Steam Punk look but in turn ended up with a Victorian zombie look. Even tho this Zombie look was not what I first had in mind I like the bewitching vibe that these clothes give.
A special thanks to Luna Jubilee who suggested The necklace.  She was totally right when she said it was my style. Upon further inspection I noticed there was a little bee attached to the necklace very similar to the sparkly bee necklace I wear on a daily basis. I also own several Yummy designs because their style is delightfully unique.

I think I might try the whole steam punk thing again, but only after Halloween has passed right now everything I seem to be putting together is themed for the festive season. I'm probably overcompensating for the fact that Halloween is so downplayed here in Italy.

The Look- Zombie Love
Hair- LAMB, Lamb Bellic- Lovieler Girl- Snicker
Skin- Pink Fuel, Mochi Milena- Blood Thirsty- FTLOH halloween skin at booth
Dress- !RT,elsa Liebknecht- Zombie Bloom
Jacket-PC- Crossroads Jacket-
Stockings-Luxeria, Belinda Stockings Nude
Necklace- Yummy,Secret Garden Locket

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