Monday, October 25, 2010

Lil Devil in The Ruins

What Mischif?

I've been a little down which lead to a total decline of my blogging productivity. It's partly because I'm homesick for some Halloween fun and also because I was a bit ill. However, now I have managed to kick my sickness to the curb and have decided to embrace what's left of the Halloween Season by using Second Life as my vessel. I've also outlined my RL Halloween plans, well sort of. Right now it's a toss up between a tour of an "haunted castle" with only torch lights to guide the way. Or a Halloween party with friends. I'm thinking the castle might win in the end, but enough of my mini rant lets talk about props/poses.

Lil Devil in the ruins

What I found to be perfect for competing this Halloween look was poses/props from !Bang and here's why. !Bang has released a whole set of Prop/Poses that are versitle for any look you may want to manifest this Halloween. Are you feeling a bit mysterious and dark? Then "The Ruins", might be perfect for you. If you're feeling a little cute and playful.  You may find "My Big Fat Bat" calling to you or if you would like to let your inner candy demon come out the "Candy Corn" set deliciously sweet and a great treat to share with your friends.

Prop/Pose sets happen to be my favorite part of SL pose making because I feel the pose maker has to really go the extra mile to incorporate the prop into the set. Also when the pose and prop are already linked it helps to create a unified look making themed photos so much easier to envision. I always find myself developing a sense of loyalty and take note of pose makers that create pose/prop sets.  Personally I feel it's a great way for the store to show it's uniqueness and creativity.

I want to note that I mentioned two props/Poses that are not shown here.
1) My big fat Bat, I opted to show the mini bat because it's currently a freebie at !Bang.
2) Candy Corn- I am currently planning on using the set in another blog post and didn't want to spoil the post by showcasing it now.

!Bang poses are worth every Linden, if you haven't visited the store please take the time and do so. I also want to note there are some great specials going on right now in the front of the store. It looks like the Lo Lo cart will stay until October 31st so don't miss your chance to pick up these poses, tattoos, and props. 

!bang-has Bats

The Look- Lil Devil from the Ruins
*Hair-69- Sweet Devilkin-Silver Collection-Group Gift- 09 Halloween
*Skin-Exodi- Ryker Beck- Isolde, Drow- Murder At Skull Creek Prize
Dress-Sn@tch-Ivey Deschanel-Limited Edition Gallery Dress- Blue Light Special
Shoes-Grim Brothers- Luxury Steam punk Heels
**Necklace-Tiff Vella- Eclectica Jewellery- Vintage Rose Necklace
Props/Pose- !BANG
*Bat-Trieste Minuet-My Lil' Fat Bat- Freebie in store
**The Ruins- Trieste Minuet

*Freebie Item/Halloween Gift
**Blogger Item LM included

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Luna Jubilee said...

I love reading your blog ... and more-so when you write about !bang <3
As always, its all just wonderful!