Monday, October 25, 2010

Do Not Enter..

Not Gonna Do It! and you can't make me....

 Just ring the door bell they urged her. Her face grew taut and her stomached flipped. The thought of walking up the steps brought her to tears. She had no choice but to follow through; How could she admit to the others that she belived the stories about the witch that occupied this house. She knew one way or another it would all be over. She gave them one last look and headed to the house which clearly gave all the signs to stay away.

The Look- Not Gonna Do It! 
Hair- Elikatira-Elikapeka Tiramisu Horizon- Blonde
Skin- Try Designs, Tyr Rozenblum- Dinah In Fall- Bad Day
Dress- Laces and Steel Medieval Gowns and Swords- Hannah Yakan- Godiva Goth Doll
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