Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Subtle Changes


When I first tried on Amacci's newest skin Irina, I had this feeling of familiarity come over me. The reason this Deja Vu swept over me is because Irina reminded me so much of Giselle, A skin released in April by Amacci. It wasn't until I did a side by side comparison, as suggested by Luna Jubilee that I was able to really appreciate the subtle changes I almost overlooked. So let's take a peak at the differences and see what makes this skin distinct from it's predecessor.

Subtle diffrences1.2

The Examination Process
In my photo I have outlined the differences in the skin. I am comparing Irina Nude (Left) and Giselle Natural (Right).

  ***No photo shopping has been done besides cropping and adding lines and circles. 
Both Skins are from Amacci so it's the same creator, No Copy Issue.
Both skins are using the fresh skin tone, with optional hair base and cleavage
I've removed all attachments and tattoo layers so you can have confidence this is skin only.****

1. Eyebrows- Irina has softer eyebrows while Giselle has a more defined eyebrow shape.
2. Eye Lashes- Irina has slightly longer lashes, almost hard to tell the changes between them
3. Highlight Areas- Irina is softer and incorporates brighter highlight areas giving the skin a silky touch
4. Lip Shape- Irina has a softer lip arches Giselle is more defined
5. Moles- Irina has no moles along the decollete
6. Coloring-  The coloring of these two skins are similar but are not identical. I haven't gone through all the skins and compared the newest 16 to the previous ones. I just happened to pick these skins because the Pale/Nude Colors worked with the look I was putting together.

I want to be completely thorough and show that I had a hard time at first with spotting the changes because I was wearing hair, an eyeliner base and eyelashes. These Items provided an obstructing view of the skin. Here is a photo of the two skins with the extras. As you can see from the photos adding long full hair would make the differences hard to spot.

My conclusion of Irina is that it's a great skin well worth the 900L; however, if you already own Giselle you might want to be extremely selective when it comes to choosing your new skin. I didn't originally intend for this post to be a skin analysis but I'm really pleased that I took the time to reflect on Carina Larsen's work. I really have formed a new appreciation for her brand and all the changes she puts forth. If I had to point out two things I love about Irina it's the softness of the skin in the highlighted areas and lips. I do prefer the sculpted eyebrows of Gisella and would really love to see these skins with shorter eyelashes. Since the 2.0 tattoo layers are becoming so popular perhaps having the longer lashes as a tattoo base would be more beneficial.


The Look- Subtle Changes
Hair- Truth- Truth Hawks- BoHo- Mahogany
*Skin- Amacci, Carina Larsen- Irina- Fresh- Nude
Shirt-Kyoot-Saeya Nyada- Flimsy Plungie Blouse-Sheer Lace- 50l friday
Necklace-AddiCt- Treasured Peacock Necklace
Jacket/Vest-A&A Fashion Fall Coat Blue Jacket- The Dressing Room
Panties-W&B Frilly Little Knickers- Ivory
Leggings-The Closet- Lace Leg Warmer- PNK
EyeLiner- Cheap Makeup-Cat Power- 50l friday

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