Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Wacky and Wild" Plurky Blogger Challenge Tre, (3)

I'm a bit late on this weeks Plurky Blogger challenge. All I can say is better late than never. This weeks Challenge is Wacky and Wild. I'm not sure how wacky or wild this look is, but I gave it my best effort without losing my personal style. I'm going to try to keep this a short post and only talk about a few things instead of giving a history like I have in other Plurky Bloger Challenges.


So when this challenge came up I was stumped. I mean, what exactly is Wacky and Wild? I tested out items from my inventory that I thought were interesting until I stumbled across this hair from Piddle. I believe this was a halloween freebie from last year. I never had the occasion to wear it because it seemed so festive and completly out of my character. I knew this would be my starting point for the Wacky aspect. I really wanted to try and steer clear from resembling a Halloween look, but with this hair it would have been hard to manage. I tried other colors, but all had my avatar resembling a giant pumpkin. With Halloween a few weeks away I gave in and matched with white and black.


When it came down to the Wild aspect I wanted to bring in a little animal flavor. Artilleri's "Ah, Bella! Zebra" shirt totally came in handy when bringing this in. Now for the rest of the look. I paired Paper Couture's jacket layer from the Utters dress and Kyoot's Loathed high waisted mini skirt to complete the bottom part of my dress. The jacket layer wraps around the torso and resemble suspenders which gives this mini skirt a unique top. Paired with Maryeta's Gold Shanti and my Wacky and Wild look was complete. rrrarrw! or whatever animal noises Zebras make.

Photo Credits:
*Hair- Piddle- Balloon Hair- Orange- Oct 2009
*Skin-PXL, Hart Larsson- Dafne SK Twiggy Makeup MEB
*Full Body Freckles
Shirt-Artilleri- Anotnia Mart- Ah, Bella!- Zebra
Layer suspenders-PC-Utters-Backwards Overall Top
Skirt-Kyoot Loathed High-Waisted Mini
Shoes-Maitreya Gold- Shanti- Black
Bracelet- W&B Ribbons and Pearls Bracelet Plastic Pink

*Freebie or Blogger Item given

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