Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Falling" with Sn@tch

I have to admit I was overwhelmed when I received  Ivey Deschanel's Blogger pack from Sn@tch, it had so many goodies. I went through the box slowly trying to pull together outfits that were perfect for the fall season. Here are my favorite three.


*Hair- Curio, Rita Groshomme- Lovely, Dark Brown- Hair fair Freebie 2010
*Accessory-Clawtooth- A place to call home (birds) Valentine Sweets- Hair Fair Freebie 2010
Skin-Le Lutka, Minnu Palen, Lola, MM, Sunkissed, 50L Friday
*Pose- Bang!, TM, Airplane2
Shoes-Bb Pirate Boots Tabacco
*Sn@tch Goodies, Ivey Deschanel
Pray for Rain, Ribbed Dress Top, Green
Traumatic Finish-Velvet Button down, Brown
Classic Trousers- Black

Sn@tch is not a new store to me. I have Ivey on my plurk and I have shopped at her store during the holiday season for gifts.  I will say that I have always been a bit intimidated by her designs. Sn@tch is a little more edgy than what I would typically wear. Plunging necklines, Gothic wings and horns all kept me at bay when it came down to shopping. I can tell you this, I was totally wrong! Sn@tch not only has great designs, but they can be versatile as well. When I mixed and matched outfits I soon began to realize this.


Hair-Lamb, Lamb Bellic- Heart- Snickers
*Skin-Dutch Touch, Ikil Ikarus- JoSeje-VIP only preview skin
Necklace-Addict-Treasured Peacock
Undershirt-Armidi-Signature tank- Light Pink
*Sn@tch Goodies, Ivey Deschanel

Now, I want to get into the heart of the review and mention some problem areas I had with Sn@tch designs. Although they are wonderful, to me some outfits highlight more cleavage than I'm comfortable showing at times. I know you're thinking, "Bells, don't you show a little boob now and then." The answer is Yes I do, but ideally for this dress I would have loved to see an undershirt; perhaps something sheer like lace. Some outfits fell mid thigh on me which became great when pairing with pants as a shirt, but when attempting to wear as dress I felt I showed a bit too much. I'm in no way attempting to discredit or bring any negativity to Ivey or Sn@tch, but am only stating the challenges I faced when trying to bring in my personal taste and style on the Sn@tch brand.


Hair-Lamb, Lamb Bellic-Witch-Snickers
*Skin-Dutch Touch, Ikil Ikarus- Yui Carmel- Group Gift
Scarf-Zarra, Zarra Kohime- Kashmiri sozani work shawl-Peach
*Sn@tch Goodies, Ivey Deschanel
Top- Precious Cargo Sweater- White
Pants- Community College Capris-Brown

Finally my favorite out of all three (Shown Above). The Precious Cargo Sweater is sheer and somewhat naughty which I love. It match perfectly with the Community College Capris. These two pieces can become staples in anyone's wardrobe because of the great layering options available. In all Sn@tch is a store that I will continue to watch. Expect more appearances from this brand on my blog that's for sure. With my favorite holiday approaching I know just I'm going bring out the Demonic Influence that Sn@tch has to offer. One last thing to mention Sn@tch is a very generous store in the sense there is a large discount/freebie selection. The prices are very reasonable and all items are transferable which is why it's a great store for gifts.

*Blogger or Gift Item

"Wind is cold alright back in Dallas.
The neon light from the building lets
you know you're home."
Ben Kweller- Falling

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